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Jupiter is very close to Pluto which is again causing rise in number of infections. This week, it will cross pluto and USA, India will witness more infections.

is there any possibility of another lockdown that can be imposed in india considering pandemic?

Astrology Discussions / How to learn Astrology
« on: October 29, 2017, 08:21:59 AM »
Hello seniors,  I'm very interested in learning kp astrology. I have downloaded jagannatha Hora software link given in this site. But when ever I cast a chart for any event. 1st sublord and 7th sublord displays same.  Is this software accurate? Kindly guide me.

Archana on 6th Tithi, seems to be not going well in my case. did any feel like this?

Transits / Rahu in Libra, Ketu in Aries from 14/15th January 2013 - effects
« on: December 16, 2013, 09:27:21 PM »
Right now, Rahu is in Swati Nakshatra & Ketu is in Aswini Nakshatra.
This happens very rarely that these shadow planets transit in nakshatras (constellations) owned by themselves at same time. (Last time could be 6 years back when rahu was in satabisha, ketu was in makha)

Are anyone experiencing severe, uncontrollable karmic effects since past 2-3 weeks ?
Its like a feeling, where you suddenly 'feel' that nothing is in your control and karma is totally driving you.
yes,  im feeling like going through uncontrollable karmic effects since past 3-4 weeks.
'feel' like nothing is in my control and karma is totally driving me, because as i was jobless since 3 years, somehow i managed to get into a very small firm after long struggle(still struggling to get into better company). i joined in a small firm to work from November20. they hired me as a trainee. may be even after 3months training, they even dont pay me the salary for initial 6months. i have to work for free. may be because of this reason, i may feel like that.  dont know in astrological point of view.

Spiritual Traditions, Religions & Symbols / Shani Remedies:
« on: October 25, 2013, 11:38:14 PM »
tomorrow 26th October - Saturday , krishna paksh saptami and Pushya Nakshatra.
i heard that General shani remedies done after 4:40 pm on this date will be fruitful for shani grah shanti for peeople afflicted with shani dasha, dhaiya or sadesati. is it true ??

Politics & Issues / Y.S.Jagan's - YSR Congress Party future
« on: September 24, 2013, 07:36:41 PM »

JUP's transit in cancer from 2014 june is beneficial for him, so he should be gaining more seats than anticipated in upcoming elections.
Jagan's rise in AP will put an end to Congress rule in the state forever.
Slowly AP will become similar to Tamilnadu where only regional parties will flourish

you mentioned beneficial from 2014 June for YS JAGAN, but previous elections held in April again probably elections would be held in April 2014.

Sensex & Stock Market / USD to INR rising !
« on: August 21, 2013, 04:22:37 PM »
 Indian Rupee crumbling against Dollar, 64.13 all time will be lead to recession in our country. i request our beloved astrologers to thrlow some light on this issue. again when indian rupee can stabilize??

Politics & Issues / Telangana state formation chances before 2014
« on: July 31, 2013, 12:39:53 PM »
I just hope that entire process takes 11 months to complete and officially both states get seperated after 2014 july.
Because, by that time Rahu will leave Libra and both Jupiter, Saturn will be in exalted signs.
By chosing right muhurtam for formation of state, telangana and andhra can atleast develop from now on.
If Telangana forms before 2014 june, then it'll face more problems in future

Though congress agreed to give telangana, i still have doubt on bill in parliament being passed smoothly.
May be that is why other astrologers mentioned 2015 july
  Earlier Apparao Sir & Varenya mentioned A.P state will not be split before next elections,and after elections Congress will not come into power again. ohh god !!! your comments like just hopes for before or after 2014july states gets officially seperated seems to be confusing.

fyi.. there is a sub-forum i.e politics & issues... :D
if i can't discuss politics then why this sub-forum? ::)
as well i seek political astrological views..

I agree with you, I have observed sometimes, some seniors acts like Dictators here rather than spreading their astro knowmledge. i don't have intention to blame anyone. its just my opinion.

Astrology Discussions / Why do people die earlier than expected
« on: April 25, 2013, 12:01:37 PM »
saturn decides how much karma we need to face in each life.
you may have 1000 units of sanchita karma (carried from multiple past lives) but if saturn decides to give you results of only 400 units (this is prarabdha karma) in this life, then remaining 600 units + whatever karma you accumulate by your deeds in this life (aagami karma) will be carried forward for next life and their total becomes sanchita karma for next life.
the cycle goes on till balance karma = 0 units.

one rule that works in karma is that all bad results(relative) of karma should be cleared within 7 lives.
i.e you cannot carry evil karma for more than 7 lives without facing its effect.
however, good(relative) karma can be carried till your last life on this earth.

we as humans, have choice only to do or not to do any act (karma is not an act.. chosing not to act/react is also a karma).
result is fixed elsewhere

wonderful detailed explanation !! many of the people, even doesn't know about it. thankyou for spreading ur knowledge for others.

Take a Bow, sir jii !!

Generally, people having certain bondings(relations) with another people like closefrnds,relatives etc.. if we have any close association, with any persons in this life....does it mean that, our debts are not cleared in the past life, with that particular close associate, as a result we still have a close relation even in this present life  as part of our karma ?? 

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