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Lightworkers Forum / Light Language - Angel Speak or Language of Soul
« on: January 30, 2015, 04:07:21 PM »
There are so many websites and people who claim to have known and teach light language. They even show symbols and alphabets similar to some japanese/korean in urdu/arabic style.
I think most are fake as light language is nowhere nearer to any human spoken language.
You cannot hear anything as terrabytes of data is just transferred to your soul within few seconds. You might feel like you heard some 'hush, kush, pushhh' sounds but you cannot speak them with human tongue.

Dream Interpretation / 25 Most Common Dreams that occur to Everyone
« on: July 11, 2013, 09:47:33 PM »
18. Radio symbolizes a means for receiving mind-to-mind communication.
Telepathy is the sending and receiving of thoughts from one person to another. The radio symbolizes the means to receive thoughts from another whereas a broadcasting station symbolizes the means to project or send thoughts.

19. Roads symbolize the dreamer's direction in life.
In the Universal Language of Mind a road represents the direction of the dreamer's life. The direction in life is determined by the goals and ideals the thinker makes his own. These can be imaged, created from the thinker's desire for a better life, or remembered, an imitation of what the thinker has seen others accomplish.

20. School symbolizes a place for learning.
Mankind exists in the physical level of consciousness for the purpose of learning and growing in understanding that will feed the soul. In the language of mind, a school signifies the dreamer's awareness of this purpose.

21. Sexual intercourse symbolizes the unification of the conscious and subconscious minds for the purpose of creation.
In a dream, the man and woman represent the conscious and subconscious minds. Intercourse symbolizes the unified effort for the purpose of creation. Those familiar with the mechanics of visualization will understand this mental process. Visualization is a science by which consciously imaged desires are subconsciously produced becoming manifested into physical reality.

22. Teacher is a superconscious aspect.
A teacher is one more knowledgeable than the Self. The superconscious mind holds the complete plan for maturity as spirit, and the previous progress made toward that maturity. Dream interaction with a teacher indicates a desire and need for communication and rapport with the deepest part of mind.

23. Teeth represent a means of assimilating knowledge so it can be used.
Teeth are the first instruments of the digestive system. In a dream, teeth symbolize a means of assimilating knowledge. Losing teeth is a common symbol in a dream indicating a change in the way the dreamer assimilates what is learned.

24. Vehicles represent a means for giving and receiving experience.
All vehicles symbolize in the language of mind a means for experience. Small vehicles represent the dreamer's physical body. Large vehicles symbolize the dreamer's choice of vehicles (such as an organization, company etc) for experiencing what physical life affords. The use of the vehicle will give indications of the type of experience being related in the dream message. For instance, an Ambulance will indicate a need for healing in the giving and receiving of experience, a Police Car will signify the need for discipline in experiences.

25. Water represents conscious life experiences.
Physical water is essential to life. In the language of mind, water symbolizes the experience in the physical level of consciousness. These are the everyday, walking interactions, situations, and circumstances that arise bringing opportunities for enrichment.

Dream Interpretation / 25 Most Common Dreams that occur to Everyone
« on: July 11, 2013, 09:39:11 PM »
11. House represent the dreamer's mind.
The mind is comprised of three major divisions; conscious, subconscious and superconscious. Within these divisions are a total of seven levels of consciousness. A house symbolizes the mind. The floors of the house represent different parts of the mind, the activity signifies how the dreamer is using this structure for thinking.

12. Killing indicates the changes occurring within the dreamer.
Death in a dream represents change. Killing, as part of the dream action indicates a change occurring in the dreamer and his/her life. The type of change is signified by who or what is killed in the dream. For instance, the dreamer killing a tiger represents changing a habit.

13. Marriage symbolizes a commitment between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind for the fulfillment of desires.
Marriage is the union of a male and female. In the Universal Language of Mind, marriage represents the commitment between the conscious and subconscious minds. in order for this commitment to occur there mist be a conscious willingness for cooperation with the inner Self. This type of dream indicates the initiation of a new awareness for the dreamer.

14. Money represents exchange of value.
How the money is being used in the dream will indicate what is being valued. For instance, if money is being used to buy a house this will symbolize the value the dreamer places upon his own mind; if it is being invested for future use it will indicate the wealth derived from experiences which is permanent understanding.

15. Mountain represents a challenge or obstacle in the dreamer's life.
Which one will depend upon the dreamer's own attitude. If the dreamer is using his or her mind and abilities to move forward in life the mountain will signify a challenge to be met and understood. If the dreamer is unaware and unenlightened concerning his own thinking capacities the mountain will indicate an obstacle to overcome

16. Naked symbolizes openness and honesty.
Honesty is the result of the alignment of the thinker's thoughts and words or actions. When someone appears nude in a dream this will represent an aspect of the Self that is being expressed openly; the ideas manifest in their true form without alteration or limitation.

17. People represent aspects of Self.
An aspect is a particular way of thinking and expressing. An easy way to recognize aspects of Self is to acknowledge the roles the thinker plays in life- the devoted spouse, loving parent, reliable employee, the good friend. Shakespeare said, "All the world's a stage, and we are merely the players." Aspects reflect characteristics of the dreamer- the comic, the shy one, the ambitious one, the generous one. Whatever quality the dreamer attaches to that person is the quality of Self being addressed in the dream message.

Dream Interpretation / 25 Most Common Dreams that occur to Everyone
« on: July 11, 2013, 09:35:47 PM »
6. Falling symbolizes the action of returning to awake consciousness.
There is an old wive's tale which says if you dream you are falling and you hit the bottom you will die. This is not true. Falling symbolizes the mental action of returning to awake consciousness therefore at the time the dreamer would "hit bottom" he/she usually wakes and the dream images are no longer present.

7. Food represents knowledge.
Physically food nourishes the body. Mentally knowledge nourishes the mind, thus the old adage of "food for thought". In the Universal Language of Mind food represents knowledge.

8. Games represent the perspective of life held by the dreamer.
Individual games such as solitaire, indicate the dreamer's tendency for self-direction where excelling or enjoyment is a significant motive. Interactive games, like chess, indicate the dreamer's tendency toward challenge where competition is a significant motive. In either case, the dream is highlighting the dreamer's mental dexterity.

9. Hair symbolizes conscious thoughts.
How hair appears in the dream indicates the quality of thoughts giving the dreamer insight into the way he/she thinks and what alterations can be made to enhance thinking. For instance, if hair is being cut, this will symbolize the dreamer's current tendency to reorganize thoughts.

10. Hands indicate purpose.
Purpose is the ability to conceive an intention for actions. Intention is important because it sets into motion karma, an indebtedness to Self for learning. When hands are outstanding in a dream it will usually indicate the dreamer's need to give attention to the intentions behind the actions.

Dream Interpretation / 25 Most Common Dreams that occur to Everyone
« on: July 11, 2013, 09:23:31 PM »
Here's a list of 25 most common images/symbols/people that everyone dreams.
The idea that dreams are a communication from beyond the physical experience is not new. As long as man has been able to reason he has experienced the phenomena of dreaming, seeking to understand its significance. Every culture in each time period has developed insight into dreams and why they exist.
The ability to understand the messages received in dreams is quickly being recognized as the link between the physically visible and invisible universes of man. Just as each nation has its physical language for the communication of ideas and perceptions so dreams are conveyed in the language spoken by a group of minds. The Universal Language of Mind is that language.

1. Animals represent habits.
Animals function from instinct, reacting to pleasure or pain. Having differing degrees of memory and the ability for attention, animals lack the evolutionary development including sufficient brain capacity needed for imagination. Most animals in a dream will represent the dreamer's habits.

2. Baby is a new idea.
A child is the result of uniting of a male and female. In the language of mind this represents the cooperative use of the aggressive and receptive principles to create something new.

3. Clothes signify how the dreamer is expressing Self.
Clothes indicate the part of the Self others view. Many cultures describe the three-fold nature of Self as: the person we show to others, the person we believe ourselves to be, and the person we truly are. Clothes signify what we allow others to see.

4. Death symbolizes change.
Death in a dream is frightening to most dreamers because they lack understanding of the nature of physical life and death. For the aware thinker, the physical life is known as a temporary existence for the soul. The French philosopher Voltaire said centuries ago "It is no more surprising to be born twice than once, everything in nature is resurrection." In the Universal Language of Mind, death signifies a change from one state of being to another.

5, Examination signifies the mental action of discerning the truth.
An examination in a dream symbolizes a time for reflection and evaluation. The subject of the test will give further insight into the theme for reflection. For example, a medical exam will indicate the need to identify attitudes producing wholeness or dis-ease.

Tarot / Free Tarot reading ONLINE !
« on: January 05, 2010, 11:09:34 AM »
i wonder what script they used but its giving perfect answers .
But only 1st question by a  person on a day is answered rightly

Tarot / Judgememt
« on: August 26, 2009, 09:10:24 AM »
One reads from cards ..and some read from the warmth the card provides.  some get a color or a feeling from the card .. just depends on the reader.

Tarot / Judgememt
« on: July 06, 2009, 06:24:37 PM »
this thread/topic explain everything a tarot reader needs to know in begining

Tarot / Free Tarot reading ONLINE !
« on: June 20, 2009, 12:55:49 PM »
thats a good link with varied choice of decks
if you are a tarot reader yourself then you\'ll understand it much better
else you can read the other thread in this section which describes all cards in detail

Alternate Medicine & Healing / Worry/ Stress/ Anxiety/Depression
« on: May 21, 2009, 12:33:06 PM »
Yes I agree it is a mask.. A complete renewel of me is what I want .. I know the things that bother me ... some are very deep inside some rotate around my childhood.. my mother my mothers x husband... very bad things ... I can talk freely about them but I am always afraid someone is going to judge me ..expecially in my line of work that I do... I have thought of writing letters to these people and telling them what they did is wrong..but they wont read them ..and it will cause a new door to open and I do not want them in my life...

Parts of me that are effected - stomach- chest- skin- feet- knees- hands and wrist

my stress is a bunch of stuff just all catching up with me this month has been so rough!! I work myself half to death when I get stressed as if I am cleaning to run from the problem. I have had hives for weeks now .. all I get told is to take Benedryl.. my skin around my eyes are raw now... ( I was told by one of my children that I look like a dead zombie.. aint that nice) I thought the hives were caused by poinsettas .. and maybe part of them where ... maybe they were allowed to attack my skin from already being broken inside. I have been watching what I eat and touch .. I touched apple jack cereal the other morning for the kids and wam hives! .. so am thinking it might be some preservative that they junk our food up with. After I had dinner last night my scalp and my arms broke out in hives.. I bought store chicken (we raise our own) and I had jello... food dyes? oh I made a cookie bar with coconut and chocolate and pecans in it.. maybe the nuts? I think I will just eat rice and broth and not have anything else .. I am misserable .. and my doctor who will only want to stick me on some drug wont be in untill next week. I have creams i have oatmeal.. but why are they coming back... my dream land is strange as well... are they connected?

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