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Politics & Issues / China horoscope and future
« on: November 12, 2020, 02:49:38 PM »
These guys could end up being world leaders because they launched 6G into orbit and will have super fast communication network globally because its almost 100X faster than 5G, where as world is still in 4G and trying to catch up 5G. In the present day or future most precious thing would be INFORMATION but not rare earth metals(diamond,gold,silver...etc). These guys also have many chances of en-cashing this situation by selling 5G to other nations. It will take time for other companies to reach where Huawei is now.

Many universities In developed countries like USA are shutting down. In India too university like ISB  facing tough situations which shows things are serious and similar to one and all (who are freshers). He only needs to keep giving interviews as many as he can and just get into if any of them clicks. But in the mean time the best thing every one needs to do is updating ourselves with new skills. These updating skills should be aligned to their Engineering majors  which could play the roll of "add on" to their future work environment. These kind of additional skills also give his profile an extra edge on par to others. Mastering these new skill will obviously keep him busy. Later he could give certification examinations on those skills. These certifications are valued by MNC's.

Every animal is just animal, every meat is just meat. People might not eat their cow/hen/pig/camel... but will buy same meat at shops as beef/pork/chicken/camel.... might be because they grew affection towards that particular animal because it was with them , but you will find people who do not do grow affection because they know some day they will eat it.

 It is true what Virinchi sir said " in the past everyone ate meat"   because it  includes bhuddist, bhramins , and so on...... . but I am not sure about how the facts were gathered by the author in that book 

Their meat struggles to mix with human system and this replusion causes diseases. This is what Ravana wrote about in his book 'Kumara Tantram' that beaf consumption leads to 93 types of diseases.

 Vegetarianism and stopping meat eating was not heard decades ago at this level in India or west. But everything should have a reason why it started. In the past situation in India it might be the Brahmin's  strategy to kill Buddhism and establish Brahminism because Buddhism was much popular, So they stopped eating meat to be unique from Buddhism ,  I read this point from the book "The Untouchables".

In the present situation we hear a lot about the word "vegan" in the west. western people want to stop eating meat because it needs a lot of land for cattle farms and grazing grounds. To meet the meat demand they might move into overgrazing which leads to deforestation, land slides,...deserts like Sahara. Secondly, the amount of methane that comes from these huge number of cows is good enough to contribute global warming. Situation is so serious that people started making plant based chicken burger, chicken nuggets...for example company like "impossible foods ".

Politics in developing countries or third world nations play a major role in most of the sensitive issues, because they always want a new topic to make use of or take advantage . So guys respect every animal equally and also eat whatever you like and live the present life because we do not know if after life exists.

M.S.R.H.Prasad sir, Seniors guidance is a good plus point. Its better to collect information from them as much as possible but make sure your son is the decision maker, because they are not aware about your son's  goals, capabilities, interests. Most of the students while pursuing their MS carry a very serious thing called "ROI"(Return on investment) deep down in their heart which could make much of a difference in their decision making (I don't want to talk much about it because it comes under "family matter section") . I would suggest him to stick to quality of education by good professors rather than Brand/popularity of University, Because  few knowledge hungry quality engineers go ahead to do Phd under great professors after their MS.

Cricket / Cricketers Horoscopes and Predictions
« on: January 20, 2020, 02:00:06 PM »
Thank you Mrs/Ms.Nivedita for the vital information. I like to prepare for competitive exams and give a shot and look for how good i was at it. Its the same feeling when we study all planets and predict the match output. (Similar to Comparing our sheet with released answer key sheet.). Its a good platform for all the predictors. Thank you.

Cricket / Cricketers Horoscopes and Predictions
« on: January 18, 2020, 08:18:01 PM »
Today i logged in to know why IND lost 1st match but could not find IND-AUS one day match predictions. Did i miss or no one made predictions?  Thank you.

M.S.R.H.Prasad sir, I would suggest them to first try out things by themselves rather than approaching consultancy because things can be done by ourselves, only thing is we need to keep going for the right sources and info regarding "Process and Procedures to apply for MS". More than 90% students approach consultancy because things get easier, but there are few people like my friend who did everything by his own for MS in USA like (writing GRE, apply for right universities after doing research in Google, keep in touch with the university, get ready for VISA......etc.) There are 2 plus points (1) By doing such things himself he will get good experience and also confidence. If in case for anything he needs to do in Italy this experience will push him to approach the right administrative officials and get things done. (2) Recently i came across CANADA PR Process where consultancies charge 2lakhs but after Googling i found out that it can be done within 1Lakh. So you guys can save money too. Actually it all depends on his inner strengths to apply by himself even If he gets pulled back by his friends to apply through consultancy. If he fails after giving in everything then he could approach consultancy. I don't know which stream he wants to do MS but i heard Germany is good place for Mechanical Engineering.         Thank you Sir.

Getting graduated from top 50-100 universities in USA has more global value than in any other continent (My friend who did his MS in USA shared this). Post MS if he has plans of making his future in Europe then MS in Europe should be fine (My friend who did his MBA in Italy shared this). MS in countries like Germany and Italy are more affordable than UK,USA. If he chooses Germany then he also needs to learn Germany and get a good grade like C1,C2,B1,B2 because it is mandatory for off campus survival (one of my colleague's sister-in-law recently got trained for Germany language in Banjara hills and left to Germany,so my colleague shared this). He better choose the university not by its name,fame or ranking but by the subject he wants to pursue(Like good number of astronomers came out of Purdue University which was not much famous before 2010 because people who want to do MS in astronomy choose it because it had good astronomy professors) . Hope this info could be help full. Thank you.

Transits / Rahu in Gemini, Ketu in Sagittarius from 24 March 2019
« on: December 16, 2019, 04:35:29 PM »
Koundinya sir,

Few lines for Virgo came true in my case  "Superiors can force you to do some secret activities at work. Pressure and conscience can make you think about quitting or changing job". I was forced to quit the job and i am jobless since 7 months.Good prediction sir.

Thank you.

Politics & Issues / World War 3 Chances & Predictions
« on: December 16, 2019, 03:50:44 PM »
Pakistan Military may not have that much man power as Indian army in numbers. But in terms of equipment Pakistan is much more advanced and has got more of the armour as well as vehicles . On the other side , Pakistan’s missile program is far more advanced than India in all ways possible . Mobility and advanced tech are the real game changers in modern era . Not the numbers .

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