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Thanks for good talks in this site

I sense great knowledge astrologers are a bit withdrawn from  5 planets or 3 planets discussion aspects

Admin please remove this posts

I meant 12 house not 13 house for some reason i can edit my response

Sorry to adding more comments

Sorry his 12 house has 3 three planets

Please any help and insight

His house 13 has 3 planets i can send screenshot if incase i might have given incorrect info


Cary city
Northcarolna state in USA
7:55 am est
May 24 2002
It was friday i think

So it is in cary Northcarolna usa
Its swathi nakshata i think moon
And gemini sun i think

I am not that good to understand astrology but these are my notes

Please tell his efforts
My son worked for free for 3 months in alzimeres 65 yrs to 105 yrs senior citizens in hospital that much he loves to be a doctor

Please tell if he will get in to this college for further studies or will we have issue with third exam that he will take in december 2019

He says he wants to study here in usa only and not in india , in fact india its 5 yrs mbbs usa its 8 yrs of studies and extra difficult exams he has to pass to just be a normal mbbs doctor
But he still want to study for 8 to 10 years he says

Please kindly help with his December exam and his admission to further studies
Thank you for listening and responding


Hello Vernaya, After you said I looked at my sons horoscope does not have 5 planets in house 12
Started to think Maybe you have place of birth incorrect

Also Second lagna lord owns the 12th house. Meaning of that I taught that its good and powerful as he controls and others are for rent kind tenants as not own house

I have notes of my son houses i am very low in understanding astrology

Do i have the info incorrect
Please let me knw
Also his place of birth is USA North Carolina 7:55 EST TIME zone


Thank you Varenya

Sorry Northcarolina is USA

Hi Gurus Please advice and show some direction and light

Please ignore this post,

I overcame with very matured way
I stopped talking to my sibling
They did not invite me for daughter's engagement , but they called me few times to invite and forced me to attend the wedding

I felt it is okay if iwas uninvited to their joy I prefer notto be a part of them
I totally disconnected from them, I wish them all the very best
My heart with heavy feeling I let them go for good.


Hi Friends,
I lost my password and had challenge to reset it to retain my same account.

Finally I got through

I have been longing to post this post PLEASE kindly advice and show some light
DOB May 24th 2002
TOM is 7:55 AM EST
POB is Northcarolina USA

is is swathi nakshatra

He worked very hard all his school years he is an A student

Now he is in Saturn phase I think

He did  an Exam which is an entrace exam for his college admissions
first time he got a score and second time in July and results came out in July itself he got a score with a excellent jump in 7 points

The exam board suddenly send a letter in October telling he has to take retest if not they will take away his second score. which is major for his admissions.

Now he is studying again for the exam 

Please kindly tell me if he will get in to colleges that he has already applied  with his second exam score which will be re-scored
fear he has to  score good in the third time if not his admissions might be at risk.

help me to see his future if he will pass this third exam with good score and will he get into good college for his higher studies.

Exam board is blaming that his 7 points jump is surprising to them

He studies very hard

As a mom I know he is very honest student he might be a  a lazy kid when it comes to shores but he is very honest student at studies as he loves to study

My fear is he is hurt inside due to this blame and not do good in his approaching third exam.

Please please advice by looking at his Saturn time difficulty


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