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Astrology Discussions / set back in career
« on: September 10, 2010, 08:59:26 PM »
i dint mean dat all others methods are incorrect.....i just said dat it is one of the accurate method v have....n whn its about learning it ; cant be learned in  day or two. so my request was to jst explain it with other possible methods too...but \'others\' dint understand the topic; took sumthing else of it in a hurry of a reply, and ha people hang in other metohds bcoz  they r not useless. accurate predictions can be given without kp also...bcoz in the end wht matters is ur learn to respect every method.

Astrology Discussions / set back in career
« on: September 08, 2010, 10:11:37 PM »
hey yaaar evry question u ans using KP method......try others methods too....wht for those who dont know kp?????? i know that it is one of the accurate methods we have ; bt der r sum ppl lyk me who dont know kp if possible plz explain in regular methods too..thank you..

Astrology Discussions / LETS WELCOME SAADESATI
« on: September 01, 2010, 11:14:44 PM »
[rquote=6364&topic=1044&author=Virinchi]i mean if saturn gives certain result for some sign borns, then whats the reason behind that karma?
like if someone doesnt have kids, did they kidnap or kill children in past ?
what karma is saturn trying to balance[/rquote]

hey dude i hav one more post on this topic in which i hav explained analogy of saturn in that post u can find ur answers if not i wil explain once

Astrology Discussions / LETS WELCOME SAADESATI
« on: August 30, 2010, 11:37:34 PM »
can you elaborate a bit! i wud love to ans ur question just wxplain wht u mean by particular karma if possible expain with example...thanks for relpy

Astrology Discussions / LETS WELCOME SAADESATI
« on: August 30, 2010, 12:15:46 AM »
basically mercury rules vigo, which is considered friendly with saturn..dats true bt for virgo things r nt smooth in saadesati as they r with  gemini.... as to suffer in saadesati two things r

mainly responsible, 1st ur karma 2nd is ur nature.abt karma i hav taked in my last post so in this i will tell u about nature.
    virgo is mainly characterised by its analytical skills,anxiety, care,suspectibile,worry and excessive thinking.even in medical astrolgy virgo reprsents inestine(liver) which has the most

important work of analysing the food, taking out vital and giving out liver works most of the time n gets strained usually, virgos r same.they make best strategist. so virgo ppl r

mostly seen getting worried with just by the thought of satun moving in virgo;nt evry1 bt most if them i hav seen in saadesati. person  of evry sign is seen under tension ;and virgo is the godess

of tension.....jokes apeart wht m trying to say here is mostly virgo ppl r troubled bcoz of their attitude more than actual situation.mercury represents the nervous system so excessvie strain given

to brain can cause neurological diseases..headache is common complaint for virgo which is nt dignosed  many a times bcoz the reason of this is tension .one of the reason of this excessive thinking

is fear of loosing a thing/person.satrun teaches them nothing is yours and there is nothing worth they r suffered.both physically and mentally
       after cancer virgo is most domestic and homely which shows involvment and attachment  saturn as i hav said hate this so troubles ppl.for their achivement of karmik aim. so virgo is bored in

the saturn\'s school of self realisiation; as it is the fun loving girl. but it is more matured than cancer so find their  way easily. but the change in the virgo after saadesati  is often gud they

turn matured n wise.

health---- as i explained the headache is mostly seen this period. so must not b ignored.abdomen pain of any kind should b given medical attention. if already havin mars in virgo in natal chart

shows clear indications of abdomen surgery at that time or once in life .virgo ppl are prone to appendix,kidneyston harnia and other liver related problem.

REMDIES---- meditation is the best suited for virgo only. simple meditation is advised to virgo in order to reduce emotional strain and cleasing ur mind nd body.also worshipping ur favourite deity

(ishta daivat). and vishnu sahatranaam,vyankatesh stotra is adivsed for virgo. also speak abt  ur feelings to  ur dear ones or with urself clearly at times will avoid accumulation of thoughts in ur

mind giving rise to tension.\'i am fine and i am healthy \'chant this mantra every day and assure urself;the feeling of having some health problem is common in virgo.

one more thing in the kaaalpurush kundali (basic kundali) virgo represents 6th house  which is house of service i.e giving selfless service or hepling poor will never ever keep ny virgo donw e1 in

saadeati wil giv rise either. so remember this things do ur duty wll satrun respects duty  n responibilities.

on the note of bye , i hav seen one thing after saadesati \'virgo\' is changed to \'LADY\' a matured lady.......

i hope ur clear with ur query miky baba....!

Astrology Discussions / LETS WELCOME SAADESATI
« on: August 25, 2010, 04:59:58 PM »
lets welcome saadesai
 hey guys in my last post i discussed SAURN THE GOD OF MOKSHA  
 in that  post i explained the prospects of  saturn towards the moksha (liberation) of a soul. in this  post i am going to explain you how saturn affects you.....

Every planets affects you through these ways  
1)sthan bala - according to the house in which it is placed

2)drishtibala  - on which house does it look.
3)yogabala - its conjuction with other planets.

4)dashabala  - under its own dasha where it affects you according to its strengh in the kundali

5)chestabala-it means teasing of planet evry strong person gets a natural ability to tease others palnets behave in same ways

All the planets follow this pattern bt saturn in addition has one more thing by which it affets everyone is saade sati.

what is saadesati????
 every planet takes a specific time to travel each sign.MOON being fastest takes only 2.25 days wheras saturn being slowest takes 2.5 years to trasit a single sign.
     so whn this slow mooving saturn enters before your moon sign ie being 12th to your moon sign then the first \'panauti\'is introduced thn after 2n1/2 yrs it comes in your sign it is \'second

panauti\'and aft thsese 2.5 yrs it leaves yor sign and enter next sign even though it affetcs your sign this is \"third panauti\" as this totally 7.5 years period is called as saadesati. the warning

        for example if a person is having moon sign tauras he will face his first panauti whn saturn enters aries, after 2.5 yrs he will hav second panauti whn saturn is in taurus n after, it whn

it goes to gemini aft 2.5 yrs the person will face his 3 rd panauti, like wise for other signs!!!
why it affects ot your moonsign only????
 every planet in your natal chart is in specific sign den why only moonsign is suffered by saadesati.because in saadesati saturn doesnot affect the sign bt afftects the moon. beacause of all

planets moon reprsents the \'moha-maaya\',feelings possesion, wants ,\'my-world\' selfishness and tears . whereas saturn shows pain,loosing,grief,detachment,isolation,betrayl,vainity. moon is ruler of

a mind so it puts all the characteristics mentioned before in the mind and the soul is diverted from its path.n gets attached to material world forgetting his actual aim \'self  realization\'. also

we are reborn due to unfilness of wants.this wants are agained shown by moon. in fact a house in which moon is sitting indiacates to the unfiled desires of a person for which he has reborn. so as i

said in last post dat its saturns duty to help self realization so it affects moon .perhaps it is chitta snana.

what is the saturn\'s analogy in saadesati??????
 saturn is isolated from all realtions, it is alone.because not all relations are nt sincerely respected.n saadesati teaches this,u get to surrouneded by such situations in which all ur realtions

are tested even ur closest realtions too. then the result is shocking for example ur in need of money, u ask for ur brother he helps u happily den aft again u go hw gives it a bit neutral

expressions aft that he starts makking xcuses or sumtymes situations change to this way u get an  real impreesion of a person in ur badpatch. this is just 1 example there ar many as like

ny disease, ny dipreesion ,sudden misforutune , loss satrun meets u through all these forms. to make u meet with  urself. in dat time paricualrly u realise ur self potential n if u start working

according to ur inner voice of truth, all ur loss is being promisely repaid by these phases r very hard for sum1 to  go through .the effects of saadsati are  observed life long the change

in the persons attitude.people start being more detached n self dependent.
 as i hav said saadesati jst takes help of ur sign to punish u though bcoz ur punished for ur karma\'s n nt for ur saade i have seen tables books saying that sum sgins r nt affeceted by

saturn sum r mostly n sum r  worstly affected by observation is that our sign gives u sum qualities which turns into atitude as lyk self respect turns into self proud,straight forewardness

turns to arrogance n etc. so apart from karma bcoz of ur nature also sumtimes we face problems.
    so fmr my point of view CANCER and LEO people are most remarkably affected during saadesati. i an explain this as follows ,
LEo- the ruler of leo is SUn the king of all planets. so all leo\'s r generous n loyal at their heart ...but at the same time sum turn egostic n self centered. saturn dislikes this. so they hav to

face a many incidents whn their egos r hurted.saturn  teaches thme humbleness, down to earth attitude. bcoz ego is the main enemy in your self awakening.
 CANCER- the ruler of cancer is  MOON. the ruler of emotions, atachment, feelings .by reading these qualities one can know dat saturn cant resist himself from punishing these people as these things

pull a person into the \'MAYA\'.so cancer is affected in saade sati.

 first of all pray to lord saturn dat \"i know it happens for my gudness n ur the one who really care for me and going to show me the truth.bless me with the power dat i can surpass this period

successfully\". i hav reading many things as a remedy in saade sati. bt i really dont understand how can one clear his karma by giving oil to saturn. or wearing stone????????
these things dont help you in saadesati just up you morally.
      hanuman upasana is excellent nt boz saturn is fearful to lord hanuman but saturn is  impressed by his bhakti.even being most powerful self awakened,lord hanuman is bowed to lord

shriram also he never took ny credit for anything in ramayana. saturn expects these kind of behaviour form all of hanuman chalisa,stotra and visiting temples is beneficial.
      also the lord krishna\'s worhsip can really give good results in u can see lord krishna was always away form any upadhi. he created dwarka,conquered many countries bt

nvr accept ny sinhasana he let balaram did it. he told geeta . he just the saturn in act.if saturn wud ever be born he wud hav born as a krishna. krishna once told arjuna dat if you want yo see my

image. see it in saturn .bcoz the holy  geeta is all based in KARMA.
      lord shiva is saturns favourite n most worshipped deity so \"maha mrityunjay mantra\" chanting is beneficial in saade sati.

      also remember one thing saturn is god of karma so his worship must be done in karmik ways i.e saturn shows poor,badly sick,beggars ,crooked body,pastic help them ,feed

theme, any sufferer u come acoss u help him as much u can  n ur problem willl be solved too. saibaba once said \" jo apne kamro ka prayshit khud hi kar leta hai use kisi ke rehmokarmo ki jaurat nahi

padti aage allah malik hai\".

Past lives & Reincarnation / PAST LIFE REGRESSION THERAPY
« on: August 22, 2010, 12:02:26 AM »
hey can any 1 tell me abt PAST LIFE REGRESSION THERAPY and its practise????

Astrology Discussions / SATURN the god of moksha???????
« on: August 06, 2010, 02:28:45 PM »

HI guys today m going to share my obseravations with u about saturn
Saturn i.e shani this is a only famous planet of all other planet.even a person who doesnt know  much about astrology knows abt saturn but in a negative sense and here starts a tragedy.
       saturn is a god of karma. so many planets are given the rulership of two signs but saturn is only  ruler of two adjacent signs CAPRICORN (10)& AQUARIUS(11). In the basic or kalpurusha\'s kundali chart these sign are appeared to be in the 10 th house and 11th house resp. these houses in kundali are known as as \'karma sthan\' and \'labh sthan\' resp. in short it repsesnts the karma gati  ie ur past n present karma and the karma phal(effect of karma )  u get by ur deeds good or bad ones!!!it means shani rules over ur karma and ur karma phal. so it becomes his natural responsibility to punish u for ur bad deeds and value for good deeds.
        consider a person who wants a moksha which are two factors r his main obstacles????
they are  iccha(wants/desires) and his karma ( past deeds). a person goin for moksha or spiritual path must b free from any want or  any karma.  so analogy of saturn is dat he punishes u in such a way dat after it u naturally loose intrest in dat thing means u come to understand vanity of tht  particular thing.
          let me giv u an example fo this, consider a person who has saturn in this first house , which shows ur personality ur built and physical features. saturn generally give a thin bony
structure bones are porminent ,shoulder drooped whn found in first house gives sort of triangular shaped face and with very serious, matured expressions .bt nt exactly he make the person a badlooking bt jst take away his charm and bony  structure itself produces complex which turn them bit melancholy . and the person looks like a matured than his actual age. also he gives a  poor health in early childhood. and  very introvert nature .so a person like this wishes for gud health make efforts bt dnt get instant result again,satrun god of slowness. after some years he looses interest start living life in other way. in short hes freed frm the desire of being handsome and a Saturn is god of justice ( i wonder thats one of the reason he has chosen Libra as his exalted sign) he gives a person a gud sense of maturity, responsibility in early age self

dependent and it rules old-age so most saturnine  people live their old-age in well manner .they are financially stable get the respectful place as a head of family and they are healthy too.
        in this way it keeps u unfilled from a the most remarkable  characteristics shown by particular sign in which ur saturn is ,bt balance it in  other ways. saturn will not give you what you
want bt provide what is needed n hw much is needed.
      so saturn plays a vital role in the travel of soul to the moksha .ie liberation .satrun in nt the exam of moksha bt it is the strict teacher preparing you for it by giving tough homework . I can conlude this bcoz  in kaklapurush kundali every house shows a stage of human life(kalapurusha\'s age) and in this kundali, capricorn falls in the 10 th house  which repsents karma ie the deeds done by soul in order to survive and in the next house i.e karma phal  which shows that all the karma\'s are being paid this is the second last stage after that the last house ie 12 th house pisces falls i it  that is the house of clearly indicaltes b4 going to moksha one must free himself from all the karma. which satun does bt does nt take its astrological credit also.jupiter is given this credit as of god of moksha.... so wht we call \"guru krupa\" is actuallly  \"shanikrupa\"


« on: August 05, 2010, 01:37:44 PM »
hey thanx for immdiate reply , i wil dafinately do anuloma pranayama m doing rt nw is sarvangasna, shirshana, and and vajrasana, supta vajrasana pawanmuktasana  and  sun salutations. r dey useful for in the treatment or sum diffrent poses r to b tried. bt m getting benifited for maintaing happy state of mind engergising  attttiude also sun salutations are helping me in mainating good posture and muscle gain.  m lovin it. thankx

« on: August 05, 2010, 01:31:06 PM »
hi thanx for the advice bt KP is bit comples so much to remember. any simplified book of Kp is available? whts the methods do hav to say abt these subjects?

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