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Palmistry / Please study my palm
« on: March 06, 2011, 04:37:31 AM »
Respected Sir,

 My Date of Birth  : 01/02/1979
 Time between     : 5.15 am to 5.30 am
 Place of Birth       : Faizabad (Uttar Pradesh)    
 Hand                   : Right Handed
 Marriage             : Unmarried

 Sir Kindly Answer my Queries as given below

1) Career & Wealth - that in my i jobs due to my handwork i am always closest/nearest to my bosses among my office persons & even though i am getting good salary & am  in Central Govt. post as Assistant Electrical Engineer (for contractual time period) ,But in my all Previous & current job I am & was in contractual job including current job.
  a) Whether i would be able to get Permanent job.
  b) Would i get Full Time Govt Job. if yes , from When
  c) I am also willing to work abroad , is it feasible, if yes from when

2) I am also Playing in Share Market.
  a) Would luck is there in there for me in it
  b) Or any other side business that i would start.

3) Health - My other problem is my ill health mainly stomach problem & weak & thin Body
   which hampers my personality & confidence
  a) Will my Health remain same , if yes , any suggestion

4) Marriage: I am going to get married in April , my is also an Aquarius ,
   a) My marriage life
   b) Probability of successful marriage & children

Any detailed suggestion /precaution/instruction you want to give me.

Thanks in advance
Shadab Waseem                       = Right Palm                        =Left Palm                       = Backside of Left Palm                       = Backside of Right Palm                        =side view of left palm                       = side view of Right Palm

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