Black Money in India Predictions

Started by Ravi Varma, November 09, 2016, 12:08:23 AM

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Situation is abnormal only for khujliwal, Blackamata, Fekhilesh, Pappu etc who have loads of  ₹500 and ₹1000 notes stacked up.
Why does one person need more than  ₹2500 in a day from ATM and ₹24000 in cash form in a week ? Cant you live cashless and let other poor guys (without bank account or ATM knowledge) exchange their currency in banks.
You were given a sunday bank working day too for cash withdrawl on  ₹10000.
Those who still complain about limits on daily withdrawls are those who are unable to live without black money.

Now, a family which has wedding this month, can withdraw  ₹2,50,000 from bank.
If you want to perform a BIG FAT GEEK SHOWOFF wedding, then GET LOST !!

P.S : Did someone tell jayalalithaa that her ₹500 and ₹1000 notes are now invalid ?
Tell her now and get them into bank, else she may slip into coma after 30 december


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Quote from: Seetaram on November 16, 2016, 06:20:06 PM
What else could be the reason to send ₹ 2000 notes and delay ₹ 500 notes till now ?
₹ 2000 wont change easily as next available denomination is ₹ 100 and that too in limited quantity.

I strongly feel that Rs. 2000 note is a temporary solution.

It wouldnt be possible to replace the currency in 50 days even with the Rs. 2000 note and hence the limit on withdrawal amount.

I hope they take this note out of circulation after everything normalizes because earning black money is a constant process and big denomition notes only helps its case.

Infact they  should not bring out any Rs. 500 note either.


Saturn flip-flops between jyeshta-moola in April-October 2017 and Jupiter comes back to Hasta during 15 April  - 03 August 2017 .
During these periods India will undergo more economic reforms. After these periods, fake notes of ₹2000 can come up.
Better withdraw these big notes which can ease corruption and keep highest currency as ₹100 or bring a new ₹200

USA managed with $100 bill for so many years and never printed anything higher


If fake currency problem is coming back, then what BIG has India achieved by this demonitization ?
₹2000 should be withdrawn after 2016-17 financial year completes.
The idea of ₹200 note looks better.

Rohit Jain

Quote from: SaSirEkha on November 17, 2016, 05:55:19 PM
25 January 2017, Saturn will join Mercury in Sagittarius, and that is when IT raids will increase on ppl who hid untaxed money in form assets, gold, diamonds, other investments, hand loans etc.
Feb-March 2017 is when Mercury in Aquarius is aspected by Saturn and most of the hidden wealth will be unearthed.
Some scams done by bankers, middlemen etc during nov-dec 2016 can also be exposed.
Thank you SaSirEkha ji for such detailed analysis.
I wish most of the unaccounted money comes out. However, there is a big question, whether this step of government (demonetization) will be successful.  Based on the time of announcement, can senior members pour their thoughts in.
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Is this prediction coming true ??
Quote from: Virinchi on January 22, 2016, 07:34:02 AM
INR will fall further down in end of 2016.
Almost close to 70 Rs per 1 USD
US $ is now ₹68.15

is this demonitization effect ? Will ₹ stabilize after december?


Hi Nivedita,
Actually theoretically demonetisation should lead to appreciation of Rupee as reduced supply of Rupee should appreciate it. But there are other factors which are going against Rupee.
Due to global economic slowdown investors are putting their money in Dollar  assets. Also demonetisation will lead short term economic slowdown in India so investors are pulling money out of India. Higher inflation in India is another factor for depreciating rupee. Not sure on Astrology but economic prediction is Rupee will depreciate further in 2017 & 18 to reach 75/76 per dollar.


About 5.15 lakh crores deposited in banks + 33,000 crores exchanged over counter.
So, total 5.5 lakh crores of ₹500 and ₹1000 notes withdrawn from system within 11 days.
RBI estimates 9 lakh crores worth of total ₹500 and ₹1000 notes in circulation.
More than 60% of that was either deposited in bank and can be withdrawn in future in new currency or exchanged already.
I think out of remaining 40% , only 10% will come to bank and rest 30% (3 lakh crores) will be destroyed as the persons holding them cannot disclose that much volume and also source of their income.
Most of that 30% is with politicians, govt authorities, real estate goondas etc.

But RBI will be printing new notes equivalent to 9 lakh crores, so govt is in a profit of 3 lakh crores straightaway.
Also, tax+penalties will be collected on bigger deposits+benamis.

Still 39 days (34 days infact, as 5 sundays non working of banks) left and lets see how much comes out.


Income Tax department is sending notices to those who deposit ₹2,50,000 or above in cash on or after 10 november 2016 and if their previous transactions/income does not match with these cash deposits.