USD vs INR rising Astrology Predictions

Started by vlbedoc, September 29, 2011, 06:31:31 PM

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i think INR is slowly stabilizing once JUPITER entered its own constellation since past 8 days


Yes, INR is now below 65 compared to USD
I hope it remains there or even comes down to 60 while JUP transits gemini till june'14


as Saturn moved to Visakha, USD started rising again compared to INR.
JUPITER, which controls finance matters is retro now and i think USD will get close to 65 or even more soon
India's 2nd lord Mercury and Jupiter placed in 2nd house are Rx, aspecting each other.
So, expecting INR not to pickup atleast this month

Star Dust

INR can again fall compared to USD, between march-april 2014
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Hi Star Dust, are you suggesting that INR will fall once Jupiter goes direct in Arudra from March 6 onwards ?
Does it coincide with a slide in the economy as well ? Well as per economy i think the India's growth and all would slow down and it might hurt the rupee and the stock market in April. Do you think a relative slowdown might hit India



INR will fall further down from end of 2016.
Will cross 70 Rs per 1 USD in next 2-3 years
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Quote from: Virinchi on January 22, 2016, 07:34:02 AM
INR will fall further down from end of 2016.
Will cross 70 Rs per 1 USD in next 2-3 years

USD now 73+ INR in 2018


INR will always stay strong until June and after that the Government decisions make it tough to remain same