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Commodities track

Started by predictor, April 30, 2013, 05:56:21 AM

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Dear gurus,
Kindly let me know if we can predict which commodity will be gainful on a particular day? or should we take a specific question as 'is gold gains today?' etc to check the gain of that commodity .

What are the houses/cusp/sublords/planets etc we need to check to determine this..

Request you to focus some light on this...

Thanks & Regards,
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ruling planets can help i think.
like gold rate depends on jupiter.
so check when moon transits in pisces/sagittarius or in punarvasu, visakha, poorvabhadra constellations (more specifically in visakha-4, poorvabhadra-4 where sign and star are owned by jup), and if weekday is thursday.
gold can increase on that day when ascendant is occupied, owned or aspected by jup

need to do some research by observing this constantly for a month or so
similarly moon for silver
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Thank you Sitaram ji,
That was really helpful info to start R&D ,wat about other products like zinc,aluminium or lead or cotton etc...which planets do we need to consider for this...kindly share if you have any information on this...

Thanks & Regards,
Of 1001 feelings of Maya,Astrology is one!

Ravi Varma

thats the basic stuff you read when you start learning astology
like sun controls wheat, govt officials, govt decisions, politicians
moon : milk, silver, rice, pearls, water, cotton
mars : real estate(with saturn), copper, courts, police, army, weapons, defence ministry etc
merc : leather wear, mobile phones, internet, communications, advertising, comedian etc
jup : gold, sweets, sugar, jewelry, finance business, banking
venus : cinema, tv, garments, perfumes etc
saturn : iron, steel, oils, footwear etc


some one seniour like seetaram ,ravi verma tell me how follow the nifty50 by the astrology means what see in astrology nifty trend goes up or goes down and  if u know the detail of the nifty birth chart please tell me whitch help to see up and down trend with help of astrology