how to use one's personal chart while intra-day trading?

Started by karthik55, January 29, 2013, 04:17:19 PM

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it would be very useful to  people who have  invested in stocks like me , if  seniors here  could  explain the  rules wile  using the    personal chart  in intraday  trading?  should we  consider the  placements of  planets  from  lagna or fifth house ?looking forward to guidance from senior experts? thanks


First follow these useful tips

Then, check if your horoscope suits trading and if your present dasa also supports it.
If both satisfy, then pick right days By using this method

If you want to trade everyday, then your dasa-antardasa should be highly supportive.

Once you picked the day, check out moon\'s transit on particualr stars and subs in those 24 hrs.
Pick those sublords who are signifiating beneficiary houses in your chart, like owning 2,3,4,6,9,11
when moon is transiting in those subdivisions, you can trade
avoid timings of sublords who are significators of 5,7,8,12


varenyaji,  how to decide if my charts suitable for trading or not  im running mercury dasha -ketu  antar dasa untill  end of july.
one astrologer told me that since mercury dasa is running and its my first n tenth lord i could  gain from trading.

but acc to kp.. my significations for mercury are 1 5 and 10 and for ketu its 4,5 ,2,9  not taking into accnt the placemnts of planets in subs.