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Moon Signs and Stock trading

Started by NaveenK, December 17, 2009, 04:29:36 PM

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Hi ,

Over the years i have seen so many instances where some people keep on getting profits in share trading :) and some suffer continuous losses :( In any way the moon sign of a person is responsible for this or its just fate


moon sign is partially responsible.
people born under watery moon signs like with moon in pisces, capricorn, cancer and some extent cancer will have speculative mind.

success or failure will depend on their personal horoscopes and moon\'s position w.r.t lagna and other factors


ALSO for people with moon connected to 11th house will invest in speculative trade

Nidhi Jadly

Apart from this, one has to see the strength of 5th house & 8th house for speculation.


yeah, Mine is Pisces, I got some loses in stock trading


my moon sign is taurus & ascendant capri, i have stricly told to stay away from speculation as saturn is in 8th house


Recent recession that hit the world market had impact on all signs equally so we cant for sure say that people with particular moon sign will win.Moreover winning and losing is part of nature .One must know to pick the right stock in market in order to  win