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Real estate trend 2014-15

Started by prasad.koduri, August 27, 2014, 02:11:12 PM

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Real estate in metro cities is booming by leaps and bounds. Will this trend continue.
For normal middle class people when is it a better time to invest in real estate.
Is there any market correction/real estate bubble in near future ?


trends are not constant throughout the world. it depends on mundane horoscopes of states, cities etc.
and if you want to invest, you need to look at your own horoscope and corresponding transits of state and city you're trying to invest in


Bhavani, Thanks for reply. I feel most of the real estate trend is generally dependent on US economy (at least for an average IT guy like me). Is there any financial crisis going to occur in near future.


Bhavani is right ! How is USA economy related to real-estate downtrend in city like hyderabad after Telangana got seperated ?


Apparao garu, well said. Agree with your example which is a local bubble.
I am referring to the slump that has happened in 2008 which has also impacted the Indian reality as well.


Its better to follow personal horoscope, dasas and transits to invest in any business.
Even when cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad had upward trend in realestate, only few have made BIG money

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