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Sensex Predictions

Started by utkaarsh, January 30, 2010, 12:44:09 PM

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there are strong reports of sensex going down to 13000 in first half of 2010, then will bounce back near Q4 2010
any predictions


i think we need seperate sections to discus sensex, share market, climate changes etc


010 Market (Sensex, Nifty) predictions for 1st February, 2010

Some dates in the month of February when the market is likely to be very active and volatile: 9, 10, 22 and 25 February.


i dont understand how this is predcted ?
will you take into account only sun and moon or other planets too


Moon will be in Aquarius on Monday. The day is good to invest, visualize and for planning investment. The sentiment may be largely influenced by global cues.

Moon will be in Aquarius on Tuesday. The day remains good for investment. If advice of experts is followed, one may be able to reap good profits. There may be profit-booking towards the close.

Moon will be in Pisces on Wednesday. The market may be volatile. There may be ups and downs throughout the day. Bit of caution in investment is advisable.

Moon will be in Pisces on Thursday. There may be depressive trends in the market. Investment on long-term basis is advisable. The day is not very good for speculation.

Moon will be in Aries on Friday. The day is good for traders. There may be increase in trading volumes. The market sentiment remains positive. There is possibility of profit-booking as well.

The SENSEX closed at 16152.59 on 11th February 2010. On 5th February 2010 the index was 15915.65. Thus the index rose by 236.94 points during the last phase.


instead of these why can\'t you guys try predicting raise and fall in shares of different companies which will be more useful for shareholders


11-Jul-2010 :
this week market trend maybe volatile and bullish. dates 12, 13 maybe volatile, dates 14, 15, 16 maybe bullish. Niftyf levels 5196, 5225, 5259, 5284, 5318, 5343, 5377, 5402, 5436, 5463, 5489, 5516. above 5343 bullish trend. below 5318 bearish trend. on Monday 12 July major trend change time are 10:33, 12:50, 2:06, 3:10.


13-Jul-2010 :
today market trend maybe very volatile, major trend change time 10:29, 10:30, 11:36, 12:46, 3:05. Niftyf levels 5317, 5339, 5357, 5374, 5392, 5409, 5427, 5444. below 5392 bearish. above 5398 bullish trend.


6-Jul-2010 :
today market trend maybe volatile and bullish, major trend change time 9:58, 10:18, 11:34, 12:34, 1:20, 2:38. niftyf levels 5344, 5365, 5386, 5407, 5437, 5459. above 5386 bullish trend, below 5375 bearish trend. next week maybe bullish.
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22-Jul-2010 :
today market trend maybe very volatile. maybe bullish. major trend change time 9:54, 12:11, 1:53, 2:30. niftyf levels 5336, 5355, 5374, 5393, 5414, 5435, 5455, 5482. above 5382 bullish trend, below 5370 bearish trend.
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