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Stock Market Predictions

Started by sharma.shruti81, April 15, 2011, 02:30:26 PM

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can any boby inform me which astrology system is best to use for stock market astrology


As per my knowledge, KP Astrology is the best method to analyse the stock market. It requires good experience in astro analysis to predict the market trend to minute details. :)


sun decides fluctuations in stock market and moon decides sudden variations.
usually in april-may stock exchange does good because sun is exalted

but thats in general.
if you want to see how you will fare as stock broker, then check moon, 5th , 11th cusps sublords and significators in your chart
All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire



i want to make a system in which both astrological and technical singnal combined to get stock makret prediction any help regarding astrology is very very helpfull please give


can any body inform me that if sun and moon are the major karak of stock maket then particulalyif they goes in any spicific house or rashi then it effect the market move up down or flat
thanks in advance


when they\'re exalted share market does good.
between 19th march - 4th april, sun was aspected and under pressure from saturn so share market was dull.

from 14th april sun entered aries(exalted sign) and share market will pickup.

between april 28 - may 1st sun will be again powerful(in own sign in navamsa and exalted in rasi) so you can see good sale and purchase


shruti, you should post a feedback on may 2nd about what changes did you see between april 28 - may 1st


i have noticed  that when ever budh change rashi or nakshatra there is a sudden change in stock market direction any idea regarding this

secondly can anybody tell me that is there any diffrence lal kitab astrology or kp astrology


Yes, there are differences in KP and other branches of Astrology. Lal Kitab talks of only planetary positions (benefic or malefic) and is mainly accepted due to the reason that it offers simple remedies. Whereas KP looks into the Constellations and planetary position both at once. It is based on the results of the four-level significators involved for a particular query. For an excellently accurate perdictive analysis, as in the case of stock markets, KP can provide reasonable answers. Stellar astrology is excellent for pin-pointing events.