USD vs INR rising Astrology Predictions

Started by vlbedoc, September 29, 2011, 06:31:31 PM

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last few weeks i have seen.. USD is becoming more and more expensive while INR is going lower and lower..

exchange rate will hit the psychological 50 mark anytime now... can someone put a light into this? how long before INR comes back up to 45-46 mark against the dollar, which has been the case since past 2 yrs??


USD will cross 50 mark compared to INR soon.
its happening because people in international market have suddenly withdrawn their investments from gold/silver and started buying USD.
thats why we see drop in gold/silver rates and hike in USD


yes, that is true.. but i was wondering if there was an astrological aspect to it too.. it would be interesting to know..
wandering mind, wondering.. :)


jupiter's retro transit in aries has caused investors to pull back their investments from gold and invest in other commodity.
For this they found USD which is accepted everywhere in international market.
so gold went down and USD went up.

Again after jupiter goes direct around christmas, situation will become normal.


thanks nivedita.. u r kind.. now i have a feeling i have read such a post before.. i just forgot.. anyway, it makes sense too.. after the fiscal yr ends here, usd should probably come back down a bit..


market analysts predict that gold will increase again in few weeks within this year


Jupiter is the planet governing yellow metal and the planet Venus indicates ornaments. Till 09th January 2012, Venus will be placed either in quadrant (square position, i.e. 90 degrees from Jupiter) or in trine (triangle position, i.e. 120 degrees) with regards to Jupiter except for the first 3 weeks of November 2011.
The position of Jupiter and Venus in quadrant and trine position with respect to each other will lead to a rise in demand for gold during the Oct- Dec quarter and it will consequently result in more gold imports during this time.


The rupee weakened beyond the psychologically important 57 per dollar mark on Friday, hitting a record low for a second consecutive session, with traders seeing no signs of any RBI intervention yet.

At 11:55 a.m., the partially convertible rupee was at 57.03/57.05 per dollar, after hitting a record low at 57.04.

Broad gains in the dollar versus major currencies on the back of global risk aversion and weakness in domestic shares weighed on the rupee. Dollar buying from oil firms and gold importers added to the downward pressure, traders said.

Astrologically, rupee will not stablize until jupiter starts transiting on rohini constellation from 2nd july.


there\'s a strong speculation in market that in next 3 years, gold price will be tripled !
this is due to lesser production of gold and people in countries like india storing gold.
thats why many are investing in gold from this year instead of buying USD

so the fastest way to multiply your money is by investing in gold now


i guess USD raising compared to INR will stop within a week as Jupiter will be out of combustion and saturn will be direct.
but jupiter in 12th sign of india's moon sign (as soon as it entered gemini.. gold fell and dollar risen) will keep USD in higher 50s compared to INR till next year