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euro 2012
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SasiRekha & Varenya,

You guys were right! Kudos!!

It was Spain all the way! They didn\'t need to fight that hard..
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Euro Cup 2012 Soccer Predictions
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euro 2012
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someday you\'ll have to agree that observing ashtakavarga charts may not be useful for studying charts of twins in K.P, but is useful in sports predictions.
Afterall, a master like Virinchi will never adapt useless methods.

Last night Spain had superior transits and especially moon had 6 points in scorpio, while italy had just 2.


euro 2012
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Who am I to agree or disagree Ashtakavarga? :lol::lol: I\'m not a Master.. I\'m just a learner.. I\'m keeping on learning things slowly by observing what\'s happening around..

I have neither disagreed Ashtakavarga anywhere nor did say one shouldn\'t use it.. I have once asked explanation for why people are using it when it\'s not advised in KP.. It was also for learning only.. If only we get doubts and that doubts get clarified, we can learn things after-all..

Anyway, thanks for the info, mate!


euro 2012
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we need to think WHY it is not advised in KP and in what situation ?
prof krishnamurti observed that for twins even points in ashtakavarga remain same but only sublords of few cusps change.

so only when studying charts of twins we can neglect this.
IPL teams are twins because most are formed on same date and time, so there we never consider it.

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