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euro 2012
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okay, soccer takes a break today.
from tomorrow, its knock out stage (quarterfinals) till sunday.

Thursday, June 21   20:45   National Stadium, Warsaw   Czech Republic    VS    Portugal
Friday, June 22           20:45   PGE Arena, Gdańsk    Germany    VS    Greece
Saturday, June 23   *20:45   Donbass Arena, Donetsk     Spain    VS    France
Sunday, June 24   *20:45   Olympic Stadium, Kiev     England    VS    Italy

* local time will be 21:45 for matches in ukraine.

since hometeams poland and ukraine are already disqualified, all teams will play on neutral grounds.
So it would be challenging to predict

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Euro Cup 2012 Soccer Predictions
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euro 2012
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I think I\'ve got a wrong chart of Sweden. That\'s why, was not able to get it right for yesterday\'s match. Anyway, they\'re out of the tournament now even though they played well yesterday. If France was able to Draw the match, they would\'ve got the opportunity to face Italy. Since they\'ve lost yesterday, they\'re now pitted against a strong Spanish team.


Since we\'re using the national charts, it won\'t be much difficult to predict whether it\'s a home ground or neutral ground. But yes, in other way. Since it\'s a Play-off stage, all the teams are more or less evenly matched. They\'ll also try very hard. Also \'Draw\' is not possible.
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euro 2012
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Ooopsss.. What a mistake I\'ve done!

The mistake was not with Sweden\'s Chart.. It was mine.. A silly mistake.. I\'ve calculated and noted down everything clearly in my Scribbling Pad.. But while typing, I\'ve made a mistake by interchanging Sweden and France.. I\'ve given inverse predictions.. On that day, Rahu was transiting in 6th H to Sweden and 5th H to France.. So it should help Sweden, naturally..

Just now saw that while trying to calculate for today\'s match.

This again proves that the mistake is in Astrologer and not in Astrology. Sorry Guys!


euro 2012
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Euro2012: QF-1: Czech Republic v Portugal at National Stadium, Warsaw on 21/06/2012 @ 20:45 hrs Local Time

It\'s very tough to predict this match as the Lagna for both the countries is Virgo and also the Cusps are very similar. Hence the significations are more or less same for both. As Virinchi and Mr.Seetaram used to say, one should have proper history of the queriers to become a good Astrologer. But I don\'t have the history of both these teams. So trying with whatever is there.

The Star Lord is Jupiter. It\'s not favoring anyone, but should be little better for Portugal when comparing with Czech. The Sub Lord during the match will be Rahu and it\'s equally favorable to both. Since Star Lord is a bit favorable to Portugal, Advantage Portugal.

The sub-subs are also more or less equal to both. Jupiter sub-sub(Till 20:51) and Moon sub-sub(23:03 - 23:22) are bit favorable to Portugal. Sun sub-sub (22:52 - 23:03) is bit favorable to Czech.

Note: Since a \'Draw\' is not possible in Play-offs, two additional times of 15 mins will be given. Even after that if the teams are equal, Penalty Kicks will be given to decide the winner.


euro 2012
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for 2nd quarterfinal, Friday, June 22    20:45   PGE Arena, Gdańsk    Germany VS    Greece
i\'m taking chart for Re-unification of Germany: 3 October 1990, 12:00 am CET, Berlin.

i\'m also considering germany as hometeam as its closer to poland, compared to greece.
though germany is favorite in this match, muhurta chart indicates opponents (greece) as favorites.

moon transits in Rx saturn star and rahu\'s sub during match, which doesnt work in favor of greece.
end result must favor germany, though they will start slow.

germany has chances to score 2 goals tonight.
score can be 2-0


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euro 2012
« Reply #65 on: June 22, 2012, 06:14:51 PM »
Thank you Gaurang & LEO for your wonderful/precise predictions. Appreciate the time and effort you guys and others are putting in sharing the information.

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Euro Cup 2012 Soccer Predictions
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euro 2012
« Reply #66 on: June 23, 2012, 09:38:45 AM »
good work LEO :thumbup:
score was 4-2, so still difference was 2 goals as you predicted
what about today, spain vs france ?
spain is everyone\'s fav


euro 2012
« Reply #67 on: June 23, 2012, 05:55:39 PM »
Euro2012: QF-3: Spain v France at Donbass Arena, Donetsk on 23/06/2012 @ 20:45 hrs Local Time

This is gonna be another interesting match. Spain is one of the strong favorites to win this Cup according to people. Let\'s see what Planets signify.

The Star Lord is Mercury. That\'s favorable to France and unfavorable to Spain. The Sub Lord during the match will be Jupiter(Till 22:43). This is neutral to both the teams. Advantage France.

In sub-subs, Mercury(Till 20:51) and Mars(22:02 - 22:14) are unfavorable to Spain and is favorable to France. Sun(21:36 - 21:46) and Rahu(22:14 - 22:43) are unfavorable to France and little favorable to Spain. Other sub-subs are more or less neutral to both but should be bit more favorable to France.

Since Rahu sub-sub is big and is favorable to Spain, they should try to utilize that. If they miss it and if the match enters additional times, France will have upper hand.


euro 2012
« Reply #68 on: June 23, 2012, 07:09:50 PM »
Hey Guys,

I have been following Euro 2012 every day. Based on form and footballing, I trust Spain to go through.

You guys do well to predict outcomes.



euro 2012
« Reply #69 on: June 24, 2012, 08:18:13 PM »
hello guys, interesting work!!  i  wish seniors like virinchi participated in this thread.

why hasnt anyone predicted  todays outcome of the match between italy and england ?  wll rooney score today too?

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