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buddha n buddhism
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hi y\'all...

i recently known an interesting views of buddhism. before i used to think buddhism is sometng only for saints or longterm bachelors but now i realise its for mankind. i wanna now share a very important discussion abt buddhism..

i hope all knew the story of gauthama buddha who leads this religion. he made his followers a very combo pack of brilliance abt peace n livinghood. the head of the students after buddha is known as DALAILAMA. now we have 14th Dalailama.

this guy was made dalailama in his 2nd yr of age. 13th dalailama said his followers abt his death n then his rebirth n died. the 14th dalailama who was the rebirth of 13th one, started EXPLAINING all the baudha grandhas n also identified his past life followers in that small age only. after he made dalailama, hes leading his religion. he shared his past, present life experiences with the world, which made him recognised by the world for his spiritual brilliance.
well... i now would like to tell the secret of how the 13th dalailama predicted his rebirth details. its by the BOOK OF DEAD. which says how the soul wanders after death, how it gets relief. and how it takes another body to reborn.

in detail ;; the man at his last minutes of death will see his next life. which makes his soul confused abt present n next birth. after his death the soul falls in dailama. it undergoes the pressure n confusion of where to go n do what?? this confusion of soul can be cleared by the crying of the nearest ppl of the dead person at his dead body. to get a clear idea of its identity the soul stays back with those ppl for almost or more of 48days. after getting the direction it then follows the path to take rebirth.

This is how 13th dalailama reborn as 14th.for this one need to get control over body mind n soul

So as for this only the buddhist monks go into YOGA-MUDRA for decades. they get control over their body. they incumulate 5elements in their body n win control over it. that control is so much powerfu that they dnt feel asleep or hungry or dirty in the process of their yoga mudra practise. they do highly strainful yoga to get clean by themselves by the body when in mudra. For this the monks search for a dead peaceful place. after this they say their followers abt thr death n re birth. his followers then finds such a place(caves mostly), paint its walls with images by which the monk\'s soul could understand the next n past life details easily for no time waste.

now i cant stop myself saying \'isnt it the real way to moksha?\'

the buddhism is also known for the therapies n medication which was opposed by many countries in last centuries which is now most needed by many countries. the interesting point is.. the medication process is done by jus observing the patient not even with a touch. 5this process is clearly written in a book called BOOK OF MEDICINES. which is writen by combo the unofficial dalailama od 19th century. he acheived it by the suggestions of many wel known medicators belonged to that times.

even they got this much of knowledge of spirituality n medication they dont have a democratic country atleast. as a comment on this 14th DALAILAMA says \"when we had our own big heavenli country in spiritual world of god n souls, we dont need the quest for a shelter on this corrupted \'country\' \"



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buddha n buddhism
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buddha n buddhism
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the greastest part is all other religions stopped following the quest to get a peaceful soul which is explained in their own religion style. but only buddhists are following with great ability.

the well known part is, the buddhists never influenced ppl to join them.

the monks now even training ppl from many countries the great art of meditation n yoga.

its even in news that there is a herbal medicine even for AIDS written in BOOK OF MEDICINES. few patients are getting cured in the buddist theraphies n medication.


buddha n buddhism
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m very upset on INDIA. though india is the country where buddhism is born n is the place fond of buddha visited places n temples, it never supported tibitans to explore their religion-quest in the country. china indonesia russia n other european countries are trying to give helping hand to tibitans. whats use when they dnt have the budda religion symbols??

i can only balme our corruted system. i dont understand when would people realise that  mankind is for to attain spiritual n worldly peace, not for money or social power. though every religion says it.

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