Author Topic: Change in Sankalpa before Pooja in different Continents and Countries ?  (Read 15016 times)


Before Pooja, in Sankalpa, we usually say ' jambU dwIpE, bharata varshE, bharata khanDE, mErO dakshiNa digbhAgE... and then nearest kshetra name, between two rivers etc..
This is applied if you are doing pooja in India.
But if You are doing in Australia, UK or USA, then what needs to be change in above sankalpam ?


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Change in Sankalpa before Pooja in different Continents and Countries ?
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2016, 07:16:05 AM »
Normal mistake done by Indians/Hindus in other continents :

For USA : krouncha dvIpE, ramaNaka varshE, aindra kaNDE, amerikA desE , prasAnta sAgarE (pacific ocean , which is optional to say if you live on west coast of USA), your city etc...

for UK : SAlmali dvIpE, vinyascita paschima dhigbhAgE samudra madyasthita brihadharanya kshetrE, London mahAnagare (replace with any city in the UK you live in)

But i think North America is pushkara dwIpa as pushkara trees (maple) are found there.
Africa can be krouncha dwIpa (as  krouncha = bird, kilimanjaro (kili means parrot in tamil) mountain exists there and popular episode of Skanda's life is his feat of breaking the Krauncha mountain.

American Indians might think Krouncha as north america but it is pushkara dweepa.
Salmali could be Australia for the reason that tall pine trees (salmali) are found between Indonesia and Australia (also described by Sugreeva in Ramayana)

Similar way : plaksha dwIpa is South America
Saka is West Europe (towards atlantic ocean, like UK, Greenland, Ireland (has skanda connection from tamilnadu. try to find meaning for common tamil name Sendhil/Senthil, which mean red one and Irish people have read skin+hair), Iceland etc.
Kusa dwIpa is oceania (smaller islands of pacific ocean)

If you are not sure, just avoid place details and only follow year, ayana, maasam (month), tithi, vaaram (weekday) etc and continue.
All those are mere formality to tell that you are sitting at a particular place and doing so and so pooja.
You will get the result irrespective of place
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Change in Sankalpa before Pooja in different Continents and Countries ?
« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2016, 09:48:36 AM »
Good Info +1
Personally, i think it doesnt matter if you say all your geographic address, date etc because place names can change

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