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Dasa Mahavidyas - relation with 9 planets in horoscope
« on: August 16, 2012, 02:45:04 AM »
What is the relation between Dasa Mahavidyas and 9 planets in vedic astrology ?
Heard that 9 out of 10 are directly connected to 9 planets and remaining 1 is connected to our lagna.
Also want to know what aspects do they control


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Dasa Mahavidyas - relation with 9 planets in horoscope
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Dasa Mahavidyas - relation with 9 planets in horoscope
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are people practicing such methods these days ?
i thought they\'re only limited to books.

anyways, they\'re linked to 9 planets as antariksh devatas in this order.
 see from left to right and same order in bottom row too in below pic

Kali (saturn), Tara (jupiter), Shodashi (mercury), Bhuvaneshwari (moon), Bhairavi (time or lagna),
Chhinnamasta (rahu), Dhumavati (ketu), Bagalamukhi (mars), Matangi (sun), and Kamala (venus).


Dasa Mahavidyas - relation with 9 planets in horoscope
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usually for reducing effects of 9 planets in vedic astrology, remedies like doing mantra japam directly for planet (like for saturn 19,000 times etc) is done.
but its not giving desired results because these days 99% vedic astrologers dont know proper vedas.
they\'re just taking the vimsottari dasa years number of each planet and multiplying by 1000.

thats wrong !
there are different numbers given for planets like for saturn its 23,000 etc.
But remembering dasa number is easy for those people, so they employ such shortcuts and fail.

in modern days karma is too strong and in almost all cases we fail to do any proper remedy.

Dasa mahavidyas are about outerspace adhi devatas, which are beyond 9 planets and their effects.
Entering into this field needs guidance of proper guru and its a mystic area.
So it cant be done by everyone.

Instead, they can recite ashtottharam of particular devata and expect some relief.

1.Matangi Devi : She is considered as tantric form of saraswati and rules of effects of planet SUN.

she controls political, government administration, general body health etc.
High B.P, heart patients, people with weak or badly placed SUN in their charts may get some relief through her.

Offering red hibiscus flowers and reciting her mantra or ashtottharam is said to be beneficial for those in above fields.

2.Bhuvanewari Devi : She controls mind and its activities like moon in horoscope.
For peace of mind, sound sleep, good friends, undisputed matrimony she is worshipped.

She is said to give relief from lack of concentration, frequent diversions of mind, cold, cough, asthma, mental diseases, bad dreams, wet dreams, sleep walking, hysteria, sexual perversions, effects of mohini, yakshini etc.
She can control bad effects of South-West and North-West corners in vaasthu.

People born with weak moon, afflicted moon with rahu, ketu, saturn or sun should worship her.
Wearing white clothes, in the morning, on ashtami, navami, chaturdasi and fullmoon days, she should be prayed.

3.Bagalamukhi : She controls effects of Mars/Kuja/mangal.
People related to police, military, security systems, intelligence agencies, spy networks, body builders, wrestler, boxers, lawyers, judges, naxalites, terrorists etc are under her control.

If someone has debilitated mars or mars+saturn, mars+rahu combinations in chart, south-east corner problems in vaasthu etc should worship her wearing yellow clothes and with yellow color flowers.

She controls spleen, liver, pancreas, digestive system, elder son/daughter in family etc.
Wanting to learn vast ranged Astrology only to predict few sport events is like Marrying only for Sex !

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one !


Dasa Mahavidyas - relation with 9 planets in horoscope
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4.Shodasi or Tripura Sundari : She is related to mercury planet and this is tantric form.
In normal method, she is worshipped as Lalitha.

She is picturised as 16 (shODaSa) year old girl in tantric scripts.
She controls all effects, houses, nakshatras of mercury.
In human body, her effect is on thyroid gland (thats why people with badly placed mercury suffer from thyroid disorders).

Fields like Astrology, accounts, dance, music, love, sex, mathematics, electronics, telecommunications, mobile phones, internet, journalism, printing and publishing, book writing, tourism, research and development, stationary, paper mills, Doctors etc are under her control.

She is also treated as Rajarajeswari Devi.

Worshipping her wearing white clothes during sunrise time, with red hibiscus flowers and making any sweet dish with rice is beneficiery for those who work in above fields and for those with mercury conjuct moon, saturn, rahu or ketu.

5.Tara : She control planet jupiter and its effects on earth.
She is also known as TaariNi, which means one who makes you overcome.

The distinguishing feature in Tara\'s iconography is the scissors she holds in one of her four hands. The scissors relate to her ability to cut off all attachments.

Tantrics believe that Lord Sri Rama\'s peaceful female avatar is tara.

The Buddhist tradition stresses these qualities of this Goddess, and she is worshipped in Tibet as an important embodiment of compassion.

6.Kamala or Lakshmi : She controls planets venus and its effects.
In modern world, all comforts and luxuries in human life are under her control.

Progress in fields like modelling, fashion designing, television, theatre, cinema, computer software etc is possible only through her blessings.

Gynecologists, beauticians, jewellers, fast foods, air conditioners, painters, fine arts, music and video systems, televisions, cinem theatres, sanitary, flooring tiles, carpets, food processing, cosmetics, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, interior decors, architects etc need to worship her on fridays with lotus flowers or white hibiscus flowers or lillies.
They should also offer pomegranate fruit.

People suffering with low sperm count, defective fellopian tubes, infected womb, financial crisis, sexual diseases or defects, menstrual problems and people with venus conjunct mars, rahu, saturn or ketu, venus placed in cancer, leo or virgo signs should worship her.

Always place a lakshmi devi photo or idol with sitting posture (never standing)


Dasa Mahavidyas - relation with 9 planets in horoscope
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7.Kaali : She is known as dakshiNa KaaLikaa in tantra.
She controls effects of planet Saturn.
She is considered as easiest to please among dasa mahavidyas, but in reality its the opposite.
She responds quicker but also tests her devotees and if they fail, she\'ll destroy them.

She makes us face effects of past life karma forcefully.
All chronic diseases, and extremities in life are through her.
Lord Krishna is considered as her energy in male human form on earth, who provoked, planned and executed the mahabharat war to kill millions and reduce population on earth.
Even mass killings, world wars, natural calamities, uncurable diseases are due to this force.

She controls fields like pathology, mortuaries, quarries, coal mines, oil wells, oil extracted from plants and seeds, iron ore, steel, cement, manganese and other minerals from earth, bones and nerves in human body, leatherware etc.

If saturn is placed in leo, aries, scorpio or if it is afflicted by rahu, ketum mars or sun, one needs to worship Kaali.
But methods are not simpler.

Best method is to donate food, money, clothes etc on saturdays to physically handicapped and practice being sincere ,honest and punctual.

8.Chinnamasta Devi : (one who cuts off her own head)

She rules planet Rahu and its effects and is considered as goddess parvati herself, who chopped her head to satisfy her attendants.

Tantrics believe that she is born as Renuka Devi, whose head was chopped by her son, Parasurama.
She brings one\'s downfall through their own mistakes (symbolic interpretation of her picture)

Accidents, snake bites, thefts, robberies, attacks, treachery etc unexpected suddent events are due to her effect through Rahu.
She is also called as Chandi.
Doctors, Surgeons, chemists (especially organic chemistry), geologists, fisheries, plastic, fiber technology, tyres, rubber, Tar, molasses, alchohol, liquid gas, refined petrol, freezers, refrigirators, cold storages, engines, electrical appliances, tanning technology, speculations, gambling, share brokers etc controlled by her power.

Rahu has heavily influenced middle-east and european cultures and their religious practices.
Languages like arabic, urdu, which are written and read from right to left are due to its effect.

Overnight stardom, fame and money and sudden loss of everything is also due to its effect.
Jail life, foreign travel, business in foreign countries, income in foreign currencies, herbal cure, preparing medicines etc is under her control through rahu.

People with rahu in 1st, 8th or 12th houses or rahu conjunct mars or saturn should worship her.
Rahu and Saturn are 100% karmic planets and if they are conjunct in any house, they make us face the effects of past life karma forcefully and no other planet can save from this effect.

9.Dhumavati : (who widows herself)

She controls effects of seperative planet Ketu.
All babas, yogis etc are due to effect of Ketu.
If Rahu can create a fake guru/baba, who leads a luxurious life and accumulates huge amounts of funds, Ketu can create a \'real\' baba/guru, who leads a secluded life and is not interest in money, comforts, luxuries or publicity.

Only after conquering the maya of Rahu, this planet comes under control.
Her tantra is the most toughest one and only people who reached their peak in Saadhana, can try reaching her.
She gives samadhi stage while living and salvation after death.

People with ketu in lagna, if born with Kaalasarpa dosha, if running ketu dasa, if suffering with viral infections, if effected by witchcrafts, if spending lifetime in jail, if awaiting judgement of court in any criminal case, if expecting death sentence, if seperated from family for longer periods, if travelling in space, should worship her through ketu.

She controls space travel, R&D, mechanical or machine related works, fiction writers, abstract painters, realistic film makers etc.


Dasa Mahavidyas - relation with 9 planets in horoscope
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10.Bhairavi : (Baala or Tripurabhairavi)

Bhairavi is also a title for a female adept in Kundalini Tantra. A Yogini is a student of Tantra, or an aspirent. A Bhairavi is one who has succeeded. Supposedly there are many more levels of achievement than these two, but Tantra is, in essence, a mystery religion, and one would have to be initiated, to learn them all. The name "Bhairavi" means "Terror," or "awe-inspiring," so the one who has achieved the state of Bhairavi, is beyond the fear of death, and therefore awesome

She controls all electro-magnetic radiations that come from outerspace and act on us.
Also atomic radiation, effects of 9 planets on earth are controlled by her.
Her male forms were Kala Bhairava and Dakshinamurthi.
She is the TIME factor, which fructifies our karma, dissolves everything into itself and re-creates.

When lagna become heavily afflicted and person becomes weak, he/she needs to worship this goddess.
Untimely death, premature old age effects, infections, bites of poisonous insects or animals are due to her.
In human body, she spreads as energy in mooladhara, swadishtana, manipuraka, anahata, visuddha, ajna, sahasrara  chakras and control all organs.
Only yogis can understand her functioning.

Apart from Dasa mahavidyas, there are few more dieties which control human organs and diseases.

a.Ananda Bhairavi : She controls cerebral contex, tissues in brain.
Insanity, All types of Manias, depression, loss of memory, pyschological disorders, lunatic behaviour, perversions are due to her.

Natabhairavi (Sanskrit: नठभैरवि, Kannada: ನಟಭೈರವಿ, Telugu: నఠభైరవి, Tamil நடபைரவி) is a rāgam in Carnatic music (musical scale of South Indian classical music).
Listening to songs composed in this Raaga in isolation, can cure above diseases.

Some of the compositions done by Maestro Ilayaraja is movies

Dog is termed as Bhairava because it can sense frequencies beyong human reach.

b.Bhuvaneswari Bhairavi : She controls on Ajna chakra, where iDa, pingaLa, sushumna naaDis meet.
For pyschic powers, this chakra needs to be activated.
All diseases related to ENT(ear, nose, tongue), can be cured through her worship.

c.Rudra Bhairavi : She controls lungs and heart in our bodies.
Blood pressure, cholestrol, typhoid, high fever, malaria, piles, fistula, anemia etc diseases can be cured by her.

d.Chaitanya Bhairavi : Controls digestive system.
Metabolism is done by her.
Ulcers, acidity, dysentery etc diseases can be cured by her.

e.Annapurneswara Bhairavi : She controls sex organs, kidneys and glands.
Diabetes, typhoid, frequent sperm loss, menstrual problems, low sperm count, loss of sexual energy etc can be cured by her.

f.Navakoti Bhairavi : She controls central nervous system.
Paralysis, titanus, nervous disorders, spondilitus, sciatica etc can be cured by her.
Yogis and psychic readers attain clairvoyance through her power.

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Dasa Mahavidyas - relation with 9 planets in horoscope
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Dasa Mahavidyas - relation with 9 planets in horoscope
« Reply #6 on: August 19, 2012, 07:58:07 AM »
thats some great info Virinchi :thumbup:
though its hard to follow these methods, its good to know


Dasa Mahavidyas - relation with 9 planets in horoscope
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MAN ! the photos itself are scary :borg::crazy:


Dasa Mahavidyas - relation with 9 planets in horoscope
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okay.. i met one guru who practiced rajarajeswari and chinnamasta devi in his lifetime.
he's 85+ and hardly can speak now to share his experiences


Dasa Mahavidyas - relation with 9 planets in horoscope
« Reply #9 on: March 12, 2013, 09:43:28 AM »
Great, great info

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