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Dattatreya swamy temples
« on: August 08, 2011, 03:55:49 PM »
Dear Members.

I came to know that some temple of Sri.Dattatreya Swamy near to koti.
as every month I go to koti - for my father medicines.
if I know exact address - I visit the temple.
please let me know if any one knows the address.
I think Mr.Jay Tee - can help in this.


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Dattatreya swamy temples
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Dattatreya swamy temples
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there is a Datta Temple about 105 years old, in the small lane
opposite to Telecom Staff Quarters, popularly known as Kanda swamy
bagh/ lane, which is situated very close to Hanuman Vayamshala, and
Pragathi Mahavidhyalaya in Koti / Sultan Bazaar area. This temple is
situated within the compound of Shirdi Sai Baba Temple. There is also
a very old Shiva Temple, Navagraha Sannidhi too. The speciality of
this Datta Sannidhi is that it is just under the Very well grown
Audumber tree, and opposite to this Audumber tree there is a Banyan
Tree, under which you find is a very small Hanuman Temple. You find
the sangamam of Neem Tree, banyan Tree, and Audumber Tree if you look
up from the Datta Sannidhi.Very Convenient to do pradhakshina. Lord
datta does not need our Dakshinas, but he is happy to see us do
Pradhakshinas with devotion.

The name of the Poojari there is Shri Mukund Joshi, who is employed in
University, an ardent Datta Devotee, who only aspiries for the
Blessings of Datta Maharaj. He has visited almost all Datta Ksetras
including Girnar Parvath. I visit this temple during Thursdays. This
Poojari has till date completed Shree Guru Charitra Parayan for nearly
75 times and wants to do parayan for atleast 108 times. He is well
versed with pooja vidhanam, and during evening hours he is present
upto 8 pm. Visit this temple once, the silence in this temple will
draw you towards it regularly. That\'s Datta Mahima, always hiding and
away from the crowd. The Poojari is close to me and to all Datta
Devotees and loves to guide them about the different Datta Kshetras.


Dattatreya swamy temples
« Reply #2 on: August 09, 2011, 09:46:46 AM »
Thank you Varenya for such excellent information.
I must visit at least once in a month.
as am going gaangapuram in this week.
Jai Guru Datta.


Dattatreya swamy temples
« Reply #3 on: August 18, 2011, 01:13:39 PM »
Varenya, I visited temple in koti. its must visible place for Guru devotees.

One more thing, one photo is there  inside of  the temple.
as per my information one of devotee - visited Sri.Datta swamy while sleeping, that picture was painted by some one.

By god grace I purchased the same picture in Gaangapuram.

Thank you.


Dattatreya swamy temples
« Reply #4 on: November 07, 2011, 01:22:01 PM »
Hello Varenya/msrhprasad
Does any one know, there is an age old Datta Mandir near Nagarjuna sagar/Etthi potala in the forest? I heard this in one of the Pravachanams by Sri Malladi chandrashekhara sastry garu, I am very curious to visit that temple.Thanks heaps for sharing about the Koti Datta Mandir, will convey to my dad, who is a Datta Devotee


Dattatreya swamy temples
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Hello Sarma Garu,

Yes there is one old temple of Sri.Datta Swamy, but by bus its very difficult for us,better to go by Taxi.
Once reached to Sagar..should enquire local people they can able to give exact i can\'t able to give you correct route map.

if you are staying in Hyd, starts at Moring 5a.m, can reach at 8a.m - by the same day night you could reach.

Once Jay fulfill our wishes we should visit the ablve temple.
But to remove our Bad Karma should visit Ganuga Puram - near Gulabarga.

wish you all the best.

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Dattatreya swamy temples
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Dattatreya swamy temples
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Sarma Garu,

Sorry it will be Kuruva puram - from Mahaboob Nagar - we need to take boat - mean cross the krishna river.

Yes you said the Sree.Datta Swamy temple another one is located in Nagarjuna Sagar. it also very nice.

As one of Our Learned Member (Mr.Jay Tee) - advised me,
to remove our bad karma should visit Ganaga puram.
to fulfill our wishes - kuruva puram..

of course all other Holy places are power full. no doubt.


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