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Indian Calenders and Almanacs - Past, Present and Future
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Indian Panchang (almanac) was formulated more than 2 million years ago in treta yuga when Maya( got this knowledge from Sun.

1st Maya was killed by Siva when he designed flying cities.

2nd Maya was father-in-law of Raavan, who was killed by Ram.

3rd Maya was contemporary of Krishna about 5200 years ago where he was asked to built Maya Sabha (a fort on his name) (he could be the same Maya who started Mayan civilisation in mexico)

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Indian Calenders and Almanacs - Past, Present and Future
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panchangs and calenders
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Rig Veda\'s part, narada sookta describes that this world was formed in a shape of an egg (brahmaand) and will exist for 21,600,000 years , which is day for brahma, the creator.
same amount of time will be his night where he doesnt create anything and all his creation is destroyed.

so total (day+night of brahma) 43,200,000 years are described as  1 KALPA.
such 360 kalpas will be his 1 year and such 100 years will be his life time.

right now he has completed 50 years of his age and is in 51st years\'s 1st day.

This KALPA is called Sweta Varaha Kalpa named after white boar which saved earth from drowing into oceans.

In this 1 day for him, he will created 14 manus who will rule these years.

Right now Manu ruling us is Vaivaswata who is born out of sun and is 7th among 14 Manus.


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In each Manu\'s ruling period, there will be 71 Mahayugas.

Each Mahayuga will have :

1 Satyuga(kruta yuga) 1,728,000 years
1 Treta Yuga 1,296,000 years
1 dwapara yuga 864,000 years
1 kaliyuga 432,000 years

We\'ve passed 27 such mahayugas and right now its 28th mahayuga in which kaliyuga has started 3,102 BC and is now 5,112years passed with 426,888 years remaining.

Only after that earth will be destroyed and recreated.


panchangs and calenders
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7 Emperors will rule Indian subcontinent in kaliyuga and panchangs on their names will be in circulation.

1. Yudhistir : He\'s elder in pandavas when he ruled Indraprastha (Delhi). nd his panchang was applicable from 3,102 BC

till 2nd emperor came in.
Yudhistir died in 3,044 BC.

2. Vikramadithya : He stopped yudhistir\'s panchang and brought his own in 57 BC from ujjain and continued only for 135


3. Salivahana(Gautamiputra satakarni) : He started in 78 AD when he ruled Paithan, Maharashtra.
His meetign with Jesus Christ in himalayas was described in ancient christian literature.
Vikaramadhitya\'s panchang is still followed in some parts of north india and adjustments are made to follow salivahana\'s too.

Salivahana\'s calender will be followe for 18000 years and end in 18,0078 AD.

4. Raja Vijayabhinanda (yet to be born) : He will be born in Thane district near Mumbai on banks of a river in 18,0078

AD and his panchang will go on for 10,000 years i.e till 28,078 AD.

5. Raja Nagarjuna (yet to be born) : He will be born in west bengal, india and start his calender from 28,078 and for next 400,000 years.
This is the longest followed panchang in kaliyug.

6. Kalki Bhagawan (yet to be born) : He is described as 10th avatar of lord Vishnu who will come towards the end of kaliyug.
His panchang will be followed for 821 years and then Earth will be destroyed.
He will appear in Kolhapur, Maharashtra.

If present Brahma finished his 100 years, he ends his life and it takes 100 more years for other person to gain ability to take over his position.
And next brahma is said to be Hanuman.


panchangs and calenders
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interesting :)
so almost after 17,500 yrs next big emperor will be born !


panchangs and calenders
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few say that 432,000 years calculation of kaliyuga is wrong and its actually only 5100+ years and it will end in 2018

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Indian Calenders and Almanacs - Past, Present and Future
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panchangs and calenders
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but new world order(NWO) says kaliyug is ending in 2012?


panchangs and calenders
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they say time frames are squeezed and reduced but not sure how its done


panchangs and calenders
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This krit(sat)yuga is a mini one which wont last for more than 7000 years and again kaliyug will comeback.
Someone said that its like a planet going retro in a sign for a while


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Each Yuga is further subdivided into Yuga Chakra, Daiva Chakra, Maha Chakra and Chakra.

Each chakra consist of 120 yrs and 4 chakra\'s of Kreta, Treta, Dwapar, Kali will consist of 1200 yrs called as a Mahachakra.
The 4 Mahachakra\'s together will be 12000 yrs and be called as a Daiva Chakra.
The Daiva chakra will have one ascending cycle and one descending cycle together consisting of 24,000 yrs.
A total 36 daiva chakra\'s each having a ascending and descending cycle, will for a Yuga.

Thus kali Yuga will be having 4,32,000 years. Dwapar 8,64,000 yrs, Treta 12,96,000 yrs, and Kreta (Satya) 17,28,000 yrs.

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