Author Topic: Japas for planets.....?  (Read 2992 times)


Japas for planets.....?
« on: March 03, 2016, 01:43:00 PM »
Learned Members,
japas for planets should perform our own or through priest?
if our own its very difficult as each planet in sanskrit mantra in thousands...
is remedies advised by original text? by rishis?
if we subside the problem by doing remedy, will it affect at next time?


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Japas for planets.....?
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Japas for planets.....?
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You can do it yourself but the count followed by majority Brahmins of 20000 for Venus, 18000 for Rahu etc is wrong.
They've just simply used dasa years of a planet multipled by 1000.
Also planets are like courier delivery agents.
If you offer sweet to courier boy, will contents in package change ?


Japas for planets.....?
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Yes, Madam I agree to you...self mediation always the best.
But one of my friend told me that in original texts / rishis / original astrological texts - remedies are not advised.
only self japa / meditation or prayer is suggested...
but now a days it can't possible, for every thing we just pay the money and get the service...i.e pooja / homa / japa  etc.,

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