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Have you sincerely tried being honest in your life? Do try and you will find the result much later on to be very sweet.

I have many many personal experiences to tell where I have met honest people and found them to be very very happy. I will relate an incident of a R.T.O. who caught me. The offence was that my car had a reverse horn which is banned. I reasoned with him that the manufacturers of the horn give this in the original piece and if it is banned they should be brought to book and their pieces confiscated. After slight arguments I found the person to be very sincere, a smiling happy face but he did stick to his knowledge of the law. He asked me for my Driving License. I gave him my Driving License (this always means he wants a bribe or you are penalised officially) and I told him to handle my old almost torn license with care as it contained by Sadguru\'s Photograph. He took the book and first bowed before the snap of my Sadguru. Then he returned it back to me but did not demand money from you and asked me to rectify the mistake next time.

I was very impressed by his honesty and I was moved by the character and personality of that Person. While chatting with him I came to know that his daughter was selected in Olympics to go to Australia (Long time back). The officials told him to arrange for Rs.1,35,000/- amount and only then she can go. Actually this amount is to be borned by Govt. but the officials pocket that money. Subsequently this man got in touch with some very educated helpful person who advised him to insert an advertisement in the newspaper and this man himself paid the charges for the advertisement and made the Advertisement matter. Many people contributed money to send this girl of a sincere honest R.T.O. to Olympics. When this person had received Rs.1,35,000/- he refused to accept more money beause he did not require it.

Moved by his story and by his personality I offered him my Sadguru\'s Photograph and told him in case he ever had any such difficulty in future he need to only worship the photograph and ask my Sadguru, who will definitely help him.

There is a case of a Doctor who treated poor people free whereas he charged others. In fact his P.A. was authorised to see whether the patient can afford or not and decide for herself when the patient deserved to be given free treatment or not. I told this to my Sadguru. HE told me: Soniji, mark my words this Doctor will rise very high in his career. Today this Doctor has people waiting for him to meet him, he is earning sufficiently and is till humble, polite and a good human being.

I could go on and on of honest people I have met and their success story but do not expect successs to come immediately. It will take time. With Honesty and Truthfullness you get HIS protection. Without the above you have to fight your own battle and the best in this world have failed at one time or another as we are all human beings and failures do come in life for that is the essence of Life: Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum.

When I met a fatal accident in 1978, (This was the 3rd accident that year the last one being near fatal), I immediately recalled what wrong I had done to meet such a fate. I will post this in detail in another post titled: Experiences of my life.

There were 3 occasions when I have prayed for the rainfall to stop as it would resulted in my loss and the rains do stopped. Once it rained heavily overnight in Imphal and there being hardly any drainage facility in that city I feared the market will be closed the next day and my work would not be completed as the day after that I had to leave early in the morning. I prayed to God and when I woke up in the morning at 5 a.m I found the roads just a little wet with no water flooding anywhere.

Again in this same city I was stuck up in my business and I had to get my payments the next day. Students announced Bandh the next day. There in North East even if a child announced Bandh the cities would close down without inquiring the cause of the Bandh. So the shop keepers told me that you won\'t get any payment tomorrow as the whole town will be closed. I told them if the Bandh is utter failure then? They promised payment in such a situation.

I prayed overnight. Next day morning Mr.Reishang Keishing, the then C.M. of state issed a stern warning to all concerned not to disturb the peace. He had CRPF patrolling in every road and police and also army deployed. Nobody dared to create any nuisance. The city worked normally and I got my payments.

Well Mr.Prasad once you start on a journey of honesty you will meet only likewise persons and then when you taste success out of thin air and with seemingly unknown people helping you then you will realise that there is honesty and sincerity everywhere and because of these 5 to 10% honest people others to get comfort otherwise no one would trust the other and there would be looting everywhere.

Pravin Kumar

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Karma - fate - remedies
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thats the difference between others and sonipravin.
while others explain in simple lines, sonipravin writes a story which nobody wants to read and understand.
(even i didnt feel like reading his post completely, whereas i understood what virinchi & jaytee wrote easily)

well, in the end of the day its your own experience which teaches you in best way


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Thank you Nivedita...:):):)

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