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Pitru Dosha
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What is the course to be considered for clearance of Pitru Dosha.


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Pitru Dosha
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Pitru Dosha
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How could you identify the existence of pitru dosham for you and it\'s effect on you?

Various karmas leads to various kinds of pitru dosham. Different kinds of remedies exist for the planetary combinations indicating dosham present in a particular horoscope. Consult trusted astrologer with details for more details.

One method of overcoming pitru dosham is to look after parents, their needs and making them happy. Offer your services to the aged people at old age homes, respect elders.

once you begin this process sincerely then the astral remedies suggested for this will work for you


Pitru Dosha
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2. Do Pinda Dhan with balls of rice and pulse to the  ancestors of paternal
side at Rameshwaram or Varanasi (Kashi) or Gaya only. Only 3 places in india, Pinda
dhan is very sacred
3. You can do Maha Mrityunjaya Jap
4. Give food to some old Brahmin on “Amavasya” in the name of paternal ancestors.


Pitru Dosha
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everyone cannot do Narayana Bali Puja
so offer donations and pinda daan in Gaya in name of all ancestors and fast on all newmoon(amavasya) nights


Pitru Dosha
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people who have sun-saturn connection in their charts usually have pitru dosha and best remedy is to feed crows during day time before having our own lunch


Pitru Dosha
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narayana bali puja is not for pitru dosham.
its only for unmarried male who died unnatural death like accidents, suicides etc and then only father or any elder person in family is eligible to do it.
And also this is not defined for women and married persons.

for more details on this, study garuda puranam

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Pitru Dosha
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Pitru Dosha
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After the demise of someone, people say “May his soul rest in peace”. This wish clearly indicates that there may be millions of souls who are not resting in peace. All the souls are ancestors of people who are alive today. In Vedic astrology they are referred to as “Pitra” (forefathers). A restless soul can cause many problems to his successors. In astrology it is called “Pitra dosha”. There are special references in astrological classics like “Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra” and others on this subject. There are references in “Puranas” also on this topic. The methods of analyzing this affliction in the horoscope of people, its effects on the people and his family members and remedial measures for the problem have also been discussed in detail. Curses of Forefathers can cause serious health problems which may become so complicated that medical practitioners may fail to diagnose the disease and medicine prescribed may become totally ineffective. The problem goes beyond the scope of medical sciences. Symptoms like abnormal behavior, uncontrollable anger, inflicting fatal injuries to others, depression, suicidal tendencies, uncontrollable pain persisting even after medication; rashes in body parts without any visible cause, nausea may have some relationship with such curses. Many such problems have a cyclic occurrence and seem related to the movement of planets. These relationships show that complicated health issues are due to “Pitra dosha” and steps should be taken to solve these problems through astrological methods suggested in the astrological classics. A psychiatrist and an astrologer can work together in finding a solution to such complicated issues.

In addition to the medical problems mentioned above, the “Pitra dosha” can cause some more problems like:

a) Childlessness
b) Repeated miscarriages
c) Family disputes
d) Health issues in the family
e) Obstacles in career and education without any apparent reason
f) Inability to get married
g) Addictions
h) Birth of mentally challenged children
i) Demise of children at young age

In the horoscope the “pitra dosha” can be judged from the afflictions to the 9th lord and the 9th house from the “lagna” (ascendant) and the Moon. If simultaneously Sun is also afflicted by Saturn, “Rahu” or “Ketu”, the karmic issues get further enhanced. If, simultaneously, Moon also gets afflicted, the problem becomes more complicated.

Prescribed methods for dealing with the issues related to forefathers are available in many religions. Forefathers generally target the successors in their own family. The best way for the successor is to pray the divine for forgiveness. Since forefathers are also considered divine souls, one should seek forgiveness from them also. Every restless soul is restless because it is waiting for “mukti” (salvation). The successors should take steps prescribed in religious texts for the “mukti” of the souls of ancestors.

As per Vedic astrology the following steps should be taken for solving the problems of “pitra dosha” as reflected in the horoscope.

a) One should take a vow to provide unconditional services to parents and elders. This helps in getting the grace of ancestors.
b) Good behaviour and charity to needy persons is necessary. Good behaviour to persons who are in our service is also necessary. Both of these are recommended for removing the “pitra dosha”
c) Worshipping Lord Vishnu is recommended because all the souls ultimately merge into the great entity of Lord Vishnu. This merger is called “mukti”.
d) Worship of any “Samarth Sadguru” like “Shri Sai Nath of Shirdi” will also be helpful because Sadgurus are like beacon lights who guide us towards the great divinity of the Almighty.
e) One should take responsibility for the marriage of a girl preferably of a poor family to obtain the grace of God and ancestors.
f) Worship should be performed for the “mukti” of the souls of ancestors as suggested and prescribed in classics.


Pitru Dosha
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Sometimes it sounds contradicting as found in various writings.
Some pertains that pitru dosha is due to the fact that ancestors are not rested in peace and they r cursing and troubling sucessors(native having pitru dosh). This cant be justified.
If that be the case how can successors be blamed for it (bcoz of Law Of Karma),if they r in restlessness they might be due to their own karmas. How can sucessors be having onus of their ancestors misdeeds (if any).
      Other point may be valid that the native is having pitru dosh as his misdeeds done to his/her ancestors (obviously alive at that time) in previous birth, and now the native have to bear the burden of punishment .
      According to my small knowledge of whatever i have read / aquinted on this topic is that many astrologers prescribe NARAYAN BALI POOJA as well as Worshipping PEEPAL tree on regular basis.


Pitru Dosha
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There is also prachalan of doing PEEPAL PUJA on SOMAVATI AMAVASYA. In which the native offers sweet and white cotton thread ( as yagyopavit) to the PEEPAL TREE considering him as LORD VISHNU. Do 108 pradakshinas of the tree offering a piece of sweet in each round and constantly chanting OM NAMO BHAGVATE VASUDEVAYE.
ASK for FORGIVENESS from depth of the heart and may lord forgive the native.


Pitru Dosha
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Many also suggests worshipping LORD SUN.
As he is like integration / summation of all PITRUS , as also stated in ADITYA HRIDYA STROTRAM.
                  This sounds must in case where pitru dosh is due to SUN-SATURN AFFLICTION.

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