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Pradosha kala dates and timings
« on: March 03, 2011, 05:42:00 AM »
Dear Mr.Vininchi.

Could you please let me know what are best days in 2011 to perform Abhisheka in Lord Siva Temple...

Pradosha Kala Pooja Timings 4-30p.m to 6 p.m am I right? if not pls correct me..

I perform my self Abhsheka in eve.hours with water,Bilva dalams and cow milk..usually monthly once or twice...

I am eagerly looking for information from you,



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Pradosha kala dates and timings
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Pradosha kala dates in 2012
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Dear Mr.Virinchi.

I mean to perform Pradosha Kala pooja what are best / idle dates in 2011.

If possible please give dates in 2012 too.

Just Curiosity, pls reply to my questions
 what is result if we perform Abhishekam with Bilva Dalams...?
I feel more satisfaction to perform Abhishekam my self instead of doing by pandit? which is the best one?
But I don\'t know vedic mantras....:(  I know only few stotramas..

I will save it for future ref.



Pradosha kala dates in 2012
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It is observed on the thirteenth day of every fortnight (Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha) in Hindu calendar. Shivalinga puja at Pradosha time and observance of fasting are the main rituals of Pradosham day.

In all Pradosha vratas, Shani Pradosha and Soma Pradosham are the important days. Pradosham which falls on Shanivara (Saturday) is Shani Pradosh and on Somavara (Monday) is Soma Pradosham. In 2011, there are three Pradosh vrat dates in January and March and only one in February 2011. Here are the Pradosham 2011 dates: (Note: All the dates are given as per Indian Standard Time, IST.):

Pradosh in January 2011:

1 January 2011 – Pradosham on Saturday – Shani Pradosh vrat
17 January 2011 – Pradosh vrat on Monday – Soma Pradosham
31 January, 2011 – Pradosh puja on Monday – Som Pradosh

Pradosh vrat in February 2011:

16 February 2011 – Pradhosha Vratam on Wednesday

Pradosha puja dates in March 2011:

2 March 2011 – Pradosham on Wednesday

17 March 2011 – Pradosham Puja on Thursday

31 March 2011 – Pradosha Pooja on Thursday

Pradosh in April 2011:

15 April 2011 – Pradosh on Friday
30 April 2011 – Pradosh on Saturday – Shani Pradosh

Pradosh vratham in May 2011:

15 May 2011 – Pradosh fasting on Sunday

30 May 2011 – Soma Pradosham – Pradosh on Monday

Pradosh fasting in June 2011:

13 June 2011 – Som Pradosha – Pradosham on Monday
28 June 2011 – Pradosh fasting on Tuesday

Pradosham in July 2011:

12 July 2011 – Pradosh Vratham on Tuesday

28 July 2011 – Pradosha vrat on Thursday

Pradosha puja in August 2011:

11 August 2011 – Pradosha on Thursday
26 August 2011 – Pradosha puja on Friday

Pradosh September 2011 dates:

9 September 2011 – Pradosh Vrata on Friday

25 September 2011 – Pradosha puja on Sunday

Pradosh October 2011:

9 October 2011 – Pradosha on Sunday
24 October 2011 – Som  Pradosha – Pradosh on Monday

Pradosham November 2011:
8 November 2011 – Pradosh on Tuesday
23 November 2011 – Pradosham on Wednesday

Pradosham in December 2011:
7 December 2011 – Pradosh on Wednesday
22 December 2011 – Pradosha fasting on Thursday

you can do it yourself for normal abhishekam but for pradosham, you need a pandit who knows the process and proper mantras.
if you cannot be at temple during those timings, anyone in your family can make it done on your name


Pradosha kala dates in 2012
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Good Day.
Dear Mr.Jay Tee.

Thank you very much for detailed response.

Pradosha Kala pooja Timings 4-30p.m to 6p.m...
but un-fortunately in my area shiva temples are opened at around
5-45 p.m to 6p.m...usually.

Any way I will request them to perform pooha for me beofre 6 p.m:)

I need to know one reply from you that
what kind of results we can expect by performing Abhishekam with Bilva Dalams...?
And With Basmam...?



Pradosha kala dates in 2012
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you can find answers in this thread on shiva abhishekam or depending on your desire, you can ask pandit to perform it.
usually those leaves etc are mandatory.
only additional information is given in that thread for special purposes

regarding timing of pradosham, All Pradoshams occur between 1-1/2 hours before and right up until the moment of sunset in the time zone where you are physically.

in coming summer months, sunset will be delayed by 30-40 minutes, so it will be around 6:30-6:40 PM (sunset)

so you can start do this pooja between 5:00 - 6:30 pm

it can start even at 6pm and will be done by 6:30-40 pm


Pradosha kala dates in 2012
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Thank you very Much Dear Mr.Jay Tee.:)

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Pradosha kala dates and timings
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Pradosha kala dates in 2012
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Normally, the belief is, worshipping Siva with Bilwadalam is the best, which gives either Iswaryam and Moksham.when you offer a Bilwadalam,If the leaf lands(falls) on sivalingam by the top portion (the dark green part)towards you and the bottom portion touching Sivalingam, then you will get the Iswaryam, if it is the other way around, HE will give the Moksham


Pradosha kala dates in 2012
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pls.let us know pradosha kala dates in the year of 2012.



Pradosha kala dates and timings
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Today evening Pradosh Kaalam starts few minutes before sunset. (Check sunset timings in your locality).
It will be a 96 minutes period (48 +/- sunset) where Nandeeswara Harati is given in Siva temples. This is unique aarti given only on Maasa Sivaratri and is more effective during this month (karthika masam).
Aarti is given to Nandi along with Siva Lingam.
Visit temple during that time to see this aarti and get rid of unknown sins you were carrying since multiple lives.

Particularly effective for those who have patterns of karma repeating in their lives

If you can find a temple where Siva Lingam is facing west direction, it offers much quicker results. It is called Sadyojyaata Lingam
Wanting to learn vast ranged Astrology only to predict few sport events is like Marrying only for Sex !

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one !

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