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pushkara snana - punya - actual situations
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This pushkara comes in 144 years once.  (Jupiter comes in simha rasi) i think.
antya pushkara from sep 28th to oct 12th of 2015. (Godavari rivier)

if take bath in pushkara time our sins, dosha can nullify? what is hidden secret behind this?

in pushkara time...if we offer pinda pradhan to our elders who passed away...they will get swarga lokha..?  but in pushara ghats the priests are just robbing money from public...demand money in thousands for just 5-10 mins..
as usual in such crowd they are not perform in proper way?
i have tried to take my own purohit but there are not allowed us... :(
huge crowed...polluted water...

pinda pradhana only should perform during pushakara or can we do at sangama...i.e at sangameswaram (here 07 rivers meet at one place) in kurnool dist.

request to learned members, for your valuable views...


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pushkara snana - punya - actual situations
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pushkara snana - punya - actual situations
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Small correction:

Antya pushkaras are from 31-07-2016 to 11-8-2016. Godavari pushkara comes after every 12 years. IF 12*12=144 years, then it is mahapushkara. But there is no scientific data to conclude the current pushakara is godavari maha pushkara.

Pushskara is coneived to be the auspicious time for Pithru Yagna like performing Pithru Shraaddha, Tharpana have been prescribed to do away with from Pithru Runa. It is widely believed and said that that Pithrus (fore-fathers) will descend on Earth during Pushkara days and will reside on the banks of Pushkara River longing for their off-spring to perform Pithru Shraaddha. This has been in vogue since time immemorial and even Avathara Purushas like Sri Ramachandra (Lord Sri Rama), Lord Parashurama are said to have performed Pithru karma. Performing Pushkara shraaddha, one will be bestowed with blessings from fore-fathers, peace and prosperity to the family.There is a belief that by performing reverences of ancestors they will be out of common facing problems in life related to marriage, progeny, health, poverty.

As per my knowledge (Its purely my opinion if wrong seniors pls correct me), there is nothing mentioned about reliving of fore-fathers from hell . I feel, the result will  be in-muliple . For example, after death soul travels from body to hell, the shradda karma helps to makes the soul travel from earth to hell. That means if u do at pushkaras, soul wont starve for years.. / Feel of punishment may reduce. If they reborn in any other creature, it helps the creatures in other forms by materialstic or spiritual blessings..


pushkara snana - punya - actual situations
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Thank you phemanth for your detailed response,

and in one channel they said antry pushkaras are from sep 28th to oct 12th of 2015 (Mr.Gargeya - Hyd)

learned members reg. this if you have any info. pls let us know...some light

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