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suitable works on lunar days
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Thithis and suitable work:

In vedic timekeeping, a tithi (also spelled thithi) is a lunar day, or the time it takes for the longitudinal angle between the moon and the sun

Padyami - Marriage, journey, installaion of idol, house construction

Vidiya - Government business, marriage, vastu karma, idol installation

Thadiya - Annaprasana, marriage, business expansion

    * Chaviti - War, Elimination of enemies
    * Panchami - All good work
    * Shasthi - carvings, work related to buildings, making ornaments
    * Saptami - Marriage, decoration, journey and expansion of business
    * Astami - Dance, work of houses, carvings
    * Navami - Quarrels, gambling etc.,
    * Dasami - Marriage, journey, house construction, house inauguration
    * Ekadasi - Marriage, wearing of new ornaments
    * Dwadasi - Marriage, general and good works
    * Trayodasi - Journey, wearing of new dresss, settling of disputes, wearing of new items
    * Chaturdasi - Weapon making
    * Poornima - All good works, idol installation, house construction
     Amavasya - Not good for auspicious functions


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suitable works on lunar days
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suitable works on lunar days
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good post Sharmila.
Also avoid 7th star(constellation) day , counted from your birthstar to start any auspicious work, business, financial transaction, registrations, buying / selling vehicles or houses, travel etc

ex : if your birth star is aswini, then avoid punarvasu, visakha, poorvabhadra.
out of above 3, when moon transits visakha, it\'ll be your worst day of that month.

this rule can be simplified as

if your birth star is ruled by sun, then avoid all days with stars rules by mercury

moon - avoid ketu
mars - avoid venus
mercury - avoid rahu
jupiter - avoid moon
venus - saturn
saturn - mars
rahu - sun
ketu - jupiter
All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire


suitable works on lunar days
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amavasya(new moon day) useful for tantric, mantra, yoga purposes


suitable works on lunar days
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But I learnt somewhere that Amavasya is very good day to remember of ancestors and pray for them. Please confirm.


suitable works on lunar days
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on amavasya((new moon) nights people whose parent(s) passed away dont eat cooked food and fast for that night.
especially men who did pitr karma

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