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Why we have to respect to Cow....?
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Please let me know in Hinduisam most of us perform pooja to cow only. i.e give more importance to cow why?

other animals i.e buffello,dogs etc., doing service for many ways...then why only cow has given to importance?

My family pandit advised at least monthly once feed to cow wheat / Jaggery to please saturn / Sun..

Is it I mean by feeding specific food to cow, shall we expect results?

If yes please let me know by feeding different foods and its results to feed cow?

Vegetables (Green)
Gross (Green)



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Why we have to respect to Cow....?
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Why we have to respect to Cow....?
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cow is considered to be sacred in all parts except its face.
especially its back is considered most sacred.

cow\'s milk is best protien food for vegetarians
cow dung is useful in many ways to kill germs etc and for production of gas
cow urine is useful to cure many diseases

each food grain is related to a planet like wheat-sun, rice-moon etc.
so feeding them to cow may please those planets(i never believe this)

one method i tried and i believe it works is to know how much is venus/sukra favourable in your chart.
because venus gives you love, money, comforts, luxuries and almost everything you need in thismaterialistic world, its useful to know this.

take green grass(20 kg) and feed it to a white cow early in morning when its hungry.
see how much it consumes and how much it leaves.

consumed amount is the percentage of venus being favourable and leftover percentage is venus being unfavourable.

ex: if cow eats 12 kgs and leaves 8kgs, then venus is 60% favourable to you


Why we have to respect to Cow....?
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Good Day.
SaSirEkha Ji.

Very Good study.
I will try it for once...Thank you very much:)



Why we have to respect to Cow....?
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As per Hinduism, Cow is considered as the Greatest Goddess \"Maha Lakshmi\" herself. Hence we are giving more importance to Cow. Also it is the purest living being in the Earth. As SasiRekha explained, everything of Cow is useful and pure. Cow\'s Urine and Dung are also very useful as they act as a natural Anti-biotic and germs killer. They\'ll prevent us from various diseases. Hence Cow is considered to be the purest living being on Earth next only to \"Tulsi\". \"Tulsi\" is called as the Queen of plants and it\'s also considered to be the highest form of \"Maha Lakshmi\".

I dunno whether they\'ll feed Cow to please other planets like Sun and Saturn. But as SasiRekha said, it\'ll have direct impact on Venus. Lakshmi is the ruler of Venus. And hence if you please Lakshmi, it\'ll naturally please Venus too.
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Why we have to respect to Cow....?
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Wow! Thanks for sharing this, especially the grass experiment with the cow, wonderful! we used to have a cow at our house when I was a kid, I used to play with her calves.I still miss her. I love cows, I feel it's very intelligent and kind animal.Hope I will have a cow sometime in the future


Why we have to respect to Cow....?
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at the time of Samudra Manthan apart from Halaahal (Poison) and Amrut  Airawat and Kaamdhenu was also extracted. Airawat, The elephant was given to Indra and Kaamdhenu was given to Rishi Vashishtha. Vashishtha used to worship kaamdhenu regularly and he believed that being a devotee of Kaamdhenu, he was bestowed with prosperity and also Raghukul 'Dashrath Family' considerred him as Rajguru.

Once when Indra was in huge problem, Vashishtha gave Kaamdhenu to him and told him to worship it to get rid of every problem, Indra did so and From then every cow is considered as Kaamdhenu and one is told to fed cows in order to be free from all kind of problems.
सुरसति के भंडार की बड़ी अपूरब बात
ज्यों खरचे त्यों त्यों बढ़े, बिन खरचे घट जात

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Why we have to respect to Cow....?
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Why we have to respect to Cow....?
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Dhanvantari who was Rajvaidya of Indra and also considerred as Ayurvedacharya also found that Cow Urine 'Gau Mutra' and extractions from Cow shit 'Gau Ark' is miraculous in many incurable disease. Today we can see many Aayurved Aashramas like Patanjali Chikitsa Kendra and other natural medical centre ( Praakrutik Chikitsaa kendra) use gau mutra and gau ark in may of their medicines, So Dhanvantari termed cow as 'Jeevan Daatri' and said after god only cow is one who gives life , So it should be treated like god. Thats the reason worshipping cow became a trend in ancient India.
There is also a saying in Shashtras
' Jaa ghar tulsi aru gaay, Taa ghar vaidya kabahu naa jaay'
A house has plant of Tulsi and Cow, never needs a doctor. it was considerred that only presence of cow in a house creates a magical environment which prevents harmful disease  and evil powers to enter in the house.


Why we have to respect to Cow....?
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I addded some more information

A Cow is said to be the abode of all the Gods. Every atom in cow’s body is abode of the 33 crore Gods. All the 14 mythical worlds exist in the limbs of cow.
Brahma and Vishnu on the root of two horns.
All the sacred reservoirs and Vedavyasa on the tips of the horns.
Lord Shankara on the centre head.
Parvathi on the edge of head.
Kartikeya on the nose, Kambala and Ashwatara Devas on the nostrils.
Ashwini Kumaras on the ears.
Sun and Moon in the eyes.
Vayu in dental range and Varuna on the tongue.
Saraswathi in the sound of cow.
Sandhya goddesses on the lips and Indra on the neck.
Raksha Ganas on the hanging under the neck.
Sadhya Devas in the heart.
Dharma on the thigh.
Gandharvas in the gap of hoofs, Pannaga at the tips, Apsaras on the sides.
Eleven Rudras and Yama on the back, Ashtavasus in the crevices.
Pitru Devas on the ides of umbilical joint, 12 Adityas on the stomach area.
Soma on the tail, Sun rays on the hair, Ganga in its urine, Lakshmi and Yamuna in the dung, Saraswathi in milk, Narmada in curd, and Agni in ghee
33 crore Gods in the hair
Prithwi in stomach, oceans in the udder, Kamadhenu in the whole body
Three Gunas in the root of the brows, Rishis in the pores of hair, and all the sacred lakes in the breathe.
Chandika on the lips and Prajapathi Brahma on the skin
Fragrant flowers on nostrils
Sadhya Devas on the arm-pit
Six parts of Vedas on the face, four Vedas on the feet, Yama on the top of the hoofs, Kubera and Garuda on the right, Yakshas on the left and Gandharvas inside
Khecharas in the fore of the foot, Narayana in intestine, mountains in the bones, Artha, Dharma, Kama and Moksha in the feet.
Four Vedas in the Hoom… sound
There are 7 mothers listed in scriptures. They are…
'adau mata guru-patni, brahmani raja-patnika dhenur dhatri tatha prthvi saptaita matarah' Meaning:
Real mother & Guru-patni, the wife of spiritual master or teacher. Brahmani, the wife of a brahmana, and Raja-patnika, the queen. Dhenu, the cow, Dhatri, nurse, as well as the Earth. Earth is mother because she gives us so many things like fruits, flowers, grains for our eating. Mother gives milk & food for eating. Cow gives us milk. So cow is also one of our mothers.


Why we have to respect to Cow....?
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Dhenunam asmi kamadhuk    -- Among cows I am the wish fulfilling (kamdhenu or surabhi)  cow. (Verse 10.28).
2) SRI CHAITANYA CHARITAMRITA, Adilila, Chapter 17, verse 166,
Caitanya Mahaprabhu confirms:
o-ange yata loma tata sahasra vatsara go-vadhi raurava-madhye pace nirantar
Cow killers and cow eaters are condemned to rot in hell for as many thousands of years as there are for each hair on the body of every cow they eat from.
It is further written - Those who fail to give cows reverence and protection and choose to foolishly oppose and whimsically ignore the injunctions of the Vedic scriptures by selling a cow for slaughter, by killing a cow, by eating cows flesh and by permittings the slaughter of cows will all rot in the darkest regions of hell for as many thousands of years as there are hairs on the body of each cow slain. There is no atonement for the killing of a cow.


Why we have to respect to Cow....?
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