Rudrabhishek or Archana - Secrets and Results

Started by Virinchi, April 09, 2009, 05:12:06 PM

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Dear Viranchi Sir,  Should fasting be kept on the Ashtami or Saptami ? I read on Drik Panchang that the Kalashtami fasting should be done on the day when the Astami tithi is prevailing at night and at morning.
Also Kalashtami falls once every month. Would doing the fasting and puja on any of the Kalashtami tithi has equal benefits or is there any special significance of the Kalashatami in this month.



Masik (monthly) Kalashtami and Kalabhairava Jayanthi are differently observed.
In this case, the vrat (fasting) should start on a morning where ashtami prevails throughout the day.

There're Maasa Sivaratri (monthly trayodasi+chaturdasi combined day), where rudrabhishek is done only in morning.
But on same day which occurs in Feb/March (Mahasivaratri), rudrabhishek is done throughout the day, until midnight.
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Thanks Viranchi Sir, got confused with referring to online Panchangs. I am planning to do the fasting tomorrow.
There is another confusion with respective Kala Vairabh Jayanti : are there 2 Jayanthi's. Most online sites are giving  Nov 21st as Jayanthi date and Dec 21st as maasik Ashtami date. I had not read much about this Puja before, hence the confusion.


Ravi Varma

For my timezone, ashtami tithi has already started and its day time.
so i started fasting for next 24 hrs.

What we find online (websites) is not complete info. Atleast in forums/social media, we can share info one-on-one and is definitely reliable, when it comes from someone like Virinchi


'Ashtami should prevail at least for one Ghati after Pradosh while selecting fasting day for Kalashtami.'
But Kalabhairava Jayanthi vrat starts with fasting from sunrise to next sunrise, with a Jagaran during night.
So, it has to be Ashtami throughout the day1 and few hours into the night
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On 22 June 2021 at 3:05 AM IST, Sun enters Arudra nakshatra and continues in same constellation for another 13 days. Initial 3 days which are 22,23,24 are important when sun in Arudra 1st paada.
In ancient days, these 13 days were called mensus dates of earth (bhoo devi).  This is actually when Sun cross Mrigasira and enters Arudra (Moonsoon completely arrives in India) and summer solstice (longest day in year when Sunrays fall on earth for more time)
Out of these 3 days, 22 and 23 we can perform Rudra Abhishek )n 23rd rudrabhishek before 7am IST), on 24th (after 5AM IST), on 25th after sunrise.