Questions and Answers for Sports Predictions in KP and Western Astrology

Started by ReVan, January 16, 2014, 01:43:14 PM

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Hello Anoo ji,
Thank you very much reply.
Cricket is easiest game to predict as it has win / loose (ODI/T20) rarely some draw. but in football/Test matches etc..we have 'DRAW' option also. Which is confusing for me on how to choose a winner or a draw match.
I am working on  personal horoscopes too.(In FB).  I am following astrogle for quite a some time as this is the best forum I came across on life & sports predictions.

Can we know the match end time with RP or any other method ? if yes..please hint

Thanks for your kind reply.
Of 1001 feelings of Maya,Astrology is one!