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2014 TAROT Readings for Aquarius
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Good news relates to your love life in the beginning is the year sets your mood for the rest of the year. Children bring in immense happiness the whole year through. Love, romance, nurturing of relationship and harmony is all on the cards as the year progresses. Financially you will reorient your focus more on investments focusing your family. Responsibilities increase and thoughts about buying a property or investing in one will be high on your mind. Professional situation ease out and growth is subtle than expectations. Family is a strong support system and helps you overcome most of the hurdles in life. Wedding celebrations and family gatherings shall be memorable and enjoyable. A lot of improvements in your work shall occur as you enter into the latter half phase of the year. Keeping a reality check on your health is the need of the hour. Abdominal problems and problems related to liver/kidneys/pancreas shall bother you during this phase of your life. Travel anxieties are on the higher side and any travel plans that you make during this year should be made after a lot of thoughtful plans and carefully worked out itenary lest you fall into unnecessary confrontations. A lot of situations resolve for you though a bit subtly as the year progresses into its latter half phase.

Gains from foreign shores come in from someone younger than you. Creams and pinks are the lucky colours for you this year.

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2014 TAROT Readings for 12 Zodiac Signs
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2014 TAROT Readings for Pisces
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New financial opportunities open up giving you a boost in your monetary matters. Professionally, this is the year when you learn from your past experiences and make fresh moves keeping them in mind. Growth and success come to you with ease and grace. Love life will be pleasant, romantic and harmonious. Children bring in a lot of happiness in your life throughout the year. Good news related to matters of heart is expected in the beginning of the year. You would want to relax and enjoy in the company of your family and friends the whole year through. Travels are favourable and enjoyable. A man who has reached a position of strength helps you in your efforts in the latter half phase of the year.

Seeking blessings of your ancestors help you in overcoming hurdles in your life as the year progresses. Offer sweets on Tuesdays in Lord Hanuman’s temple for good health and growth.

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