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Eclipses in 2010 and their effects on us

Started by DCP, December 17, 2009, 10:37:53 AM

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burning issue in andhra pradesh will find a possible solution after this eclipse.
but again solar eclipse on 15th  jan 2010 will re-ignite it.
this issue will resolve only with change of government/CM

Star Dust

when is that happening ?
can you throw light on upcoming solar eclipse of 15th jan 2010 ?
In a day..when u dont come across any problems... you can be sure that you are traveling in wrong path - SWAMI VIVEKANANDA


sum times i think the whol drama is being played to drop the present CM..


right ! once Y.s.Jagan is made CM (which may not happen), all will settle down.
1969 and 1973 saw much bigger and serious agitations but everytime CM changed and people were diverted


i think solar eclipse coming on 15th january will last for more than 3 hours and will show its impact on central, north india and few east asian countries


it wont be visible in totally in many parts of india.
places that will get effected most are lower tamil nadu, srilanka and kerala

Ravi Varma

within 15 days after this eclipse, those places will see huge turmoil in govt. adminsitration
already andhra pradesh is suffering since past 5-6 weeks and now it will be more till jan end.
however KCR\'s chart shows loss of reputation and danger between feb-aug 2010


srilanka and madives will be effected before end of march because of solar eclipse.
Also few islands in indian ocean and pacific ocean will see natural calmities, says astrologers


Eating and Drinking during the Eclipses should be avoided or not? How real these are..