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Eclipses in 2010 and their effects on us

Started by DCP, December 17, 2009, 10:37:53 AM

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what did you follow?
ate or not?

why dont you try and know by yourself


i ate many times, and it did not effect any thing...but i want to know that we can eat or not


when nothing happened then why asking?

Nidhi Jadly

eating & drinking should be avoided during eclipse & that is scientifically proven too. one can read in books or may be, search related sites to know the answer.
Many must have eaten during eclipse without any effect. People who are living in metros or big cities are inhaling polluted air & eating vegetables which are not organic, & are still alive.


those rules of not eating and not drinking during eclipse are for religious and spiritual people who have under taken mantra deeksha etc.
their deeksha will be adversely effected if they break rules

for common people it wont effect as they dont follow any rules


Hi Ranjana, I asked to know whether we can eat or not during such times, any how thanks for your clarification.


its been more than 3 weeks since solar eclipse occured.
did anyone experience any change in lifestyles/health etc?
didnt even heared of any political change in any eastern countries


none of the other eclipses in 2010 will be visible in india, so effects on us :blush:


upcoming lunar eclipse on 26th june will be in sagittarius and if your moon sign or ascendant is sagittarius, capricorn, aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, scorpio and if you are born in moon\'s owned constellations like rohini, hastha or sravanam or running moon dasa, you will have some mental tension for 10-15 days from eclipse time

however these effects will on people living in countries where eclipse is visible.

other country people need not worry