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Eclipses in 2011 and their effects

Started by JayTee, December 27, 2010, 10:58:42 AM

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First eclipse is a solar eclipse which will be seen on 4th january at around 9:34 GMT - 10:49 GMT and visible in europe, middle east and north west asia.

Pakistan, afghanistan, middle east, european countries will see economical problems and security threats

Star Dust

euro currency rate will slightly fall after 4th jan

pakistan will continue to see more dark days

few politicians will be exposed in india
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i\'m curoisly waiting to see the effects of solar eclipse next week


this eclipse on 4th is happening in my moon sign
should i bother about this or just check according to my ascendant


june 1st 2011 partial solar eclipse will hit severely on china.

On personal level, if you have sun conjuct ketu in your horoscope, you will face either ill-health or some threatening situation in june-july.

If you are running sun dasa or moon dasa, or if you are born in taurus lagna or moon sign, you will experience these effects if you live in china, siberia, canada, iceland etc countries where eclipse is seen.
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There is another partial Solar eclipse on 1st July 2011 and a Total Lunar eclipse on June 15, 2011. Is it also going to have negative impact on earth and the corresponding countries ?
Ofcourse the solar eclipse of 1st July will not be visible in most of the countries.


Lunar Eclipse on 15th June,2011 and it\'s effects on 12 Rashi\'s

Relationships are emphasized. It's safe to give up control to your spouse or partner for a shortwhile this month. Take time to listen. Your independence will suffer very little. A change of scene may be needed in order to deal with unexpected developments around the middle of June.

Material, financial, and vocational advances are likely. This June can be memorable for a changeof luck or unaccustomed successes. You may need a loan or have to deal with another
's lossesaround the middle of the month.

You're on fire! You impress others. A romance can proceed to the next level. Formalize whatgives you pleasure. Suddenly your enthusiasm comes up against the concerns of your significantother near the middle of June. Clarity turns into confusion. You may want to take two steps back.

Your privacy and home life are intensified. You work behind the scenes. Intimacy is treasured.Responsibilities grow on or around the 15th. Your health or routine may be affected or disrupted.

Your social life explodes. Local travel can be frustrating, though. You appreciate what your mateor partner has to offer. Sudden changes direct your attention to creativity, children, or romanceduring the second half of the month.

Even though your career or profession grabs your attention, your financial situation is troubling.You find solace in your work or in taking care of others. Tension at home will need to be dealtwith during the second half of June.

Travel or a change of scene is favored. Expand your horizons. Take a chance even if you feeldown. You are going through a major identity crisis, but you can focus on the positive thismonth. Expect frustrations and miscommunications to be disruptive on or near the 15th.

Security needs are stressed. Unfinished business continues to hold you back. Seek comfort in thesecurity of your home or from those you have known the longest. Financial stresses bubble upnear the middle of the month.

Harmony rules in your relationship with your spouse, partner, or significant other. You may feela little tied down by social commitments you made earlier. Suddenly, you come into your ownon or around the 15th of June. You feel like your old self. Try to maintain some sense of balance.

Believe it or not, you are excited about your work, career, and responsibilities during the firstpart of June. Money is a little better than it has been, and you like keeping busy. You may beworking outdoors or in the yard this month. Something comes up near the middle of the monththat redirects your attention indoors. Someone needs your help.

Whether you enjoy people, ideas, or ideals, June starts out quite favorably. You excel inromance, love, and creativity this month. You continue to make progress in your long-termgoals. Opportunities to meet new friends and spread your ideas come on or near the 15th of June.
Things around the house or home are intensified this month. Home entertaining can providemuch needed breaks from your concerns about the welfare of others. This month is good forrelaxing and reconnecting with family. Activities at work require your attention on or around the15thof June.

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so the eclipse tomorrow will be bad for china, siberia, canada, iceland only?
what about japan, korea


i think coolindian has just copied from somewhere and pasted here
june 15th eclipse is not good for taurus also
and since its happening in 2 signs, you cant say if its good or bad


this eclipse ends in Moola Nakshatra

Moola means "root", and has to do with uprooting energy as well as planting new seeds. Pulling out the weeds in the garden of our life and planting new seeds will be shown now. This is especially relevant as it relates to the power of our thoughts to sprout concepts then result in actions, then habits, then deep samskaras (habits formed over lifetimes). "Moola" is ruled by the Goddess Nirriti (calamity), showing the need to destroy the Tamas of the previous section of the Zodiac. "Mula" is of the same origin as "Mooladhara" Chakra or root Chakra – the mystical source of most primordial energy of life. Upon entering the Mooladhara Chakra one gets the knowledge that "I am not the body" – and is able to release our attachment to form.

The Lunar eclipse will happen with Ketu, the Sun and Mercury in Mrigashira Nakshatra. The word "Mrigashira" means "Face of a Deer" and comes from a Sanskrit sound "Mri" which denotes things gentle or soft (EX: "Mridu" means soft). The qualities of a deer – curious, playful, placid, innocent, yet poised and ready for a new course based on the present circumstances are important "action" themes – as the Sun will show the course of action opposite the Lunar pole of feeling. Mrigashira is ruled by the God Soma, the immortal nectar of bliss, in our mind. This Nakshatra is called the "Wandering star". It is related to the restless search for idyllic beauty.

on personal level, it will effect those who are born with moon in scorpio/sagittarius or currently running mercury/ketu dasa(vimsottari) or if you are born with sun+ketu conjunction in your chart.