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gulf oil leak

Started by mulaian, June 22, 2010, 04:36:07 PM

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i am wondering if anyone knows of any vedic astrological indicators that did point to this event, and any clue as to its outcome, and effect on the world or specific countries.


offlate i\'ve been having some disturbing dreams of sand eruption, sand storms and digging of sand.
i thought it has something to do with mars and saturn aspecting jupiter and now oil leaks from sand in gulf !!!!
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hello unorthodox, the original explosion happened apr 20th before mars was aspecting jupiter.i can only make sense of it by considering outer planets uranus and pluto. there was opposition of saturn and uranus at the time of event which is ongoing.i was hoping someone would find a vedic technique to explain this, as it is such a huge event with the potential to affect the whole we have eclipses involving this saturn uranus opposition it seems like a critical time it will be interesting to see further developements in respect of this.


vedic astrology is not just about transitions, progressions and vimsottari dasas.
when panchang is written for new year, rules of different aspects for that day are taken into consideration and if evil planets like saturn, mars get more ruling, then disasters are predicted for that year.

for example see these articles

there are no uranus etc in vedic and never needed also
Wanting to learn vast ranged Astrology only to predict few sport events is like Marrying only for Sex !

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yes, as you know, i am aware that vedic does not use outer planets and that there are many techniques of analysis. i was hoping someone would enlighten me, which technique  explains this, not insignificant event, so i can better understand it using vedic astrology, without having to resort to considering these outer planets.i cant find any mention of this catastraphe anywhere here perhaps i have missed something.


looking back at the previous eclipse dec 31 2009 i noticed that moon was conjunct ketu and aspected by saturn.this full moon was in gemini which featured strongly in americas chart: 4th july 1776
on the day of the gulf explosion moon was again in gemini with ketu and also aspected by saturn: apr 20th i imagine it was a product of ketu and saturn combined which seems to fit.


as i said before , you need to study panchang calculation and how its written to understand these aspects.
what many people learn is only 20% of vedic astro ( which is about casting horoscopes, vimsottari dasas, and predictions)
because this is most used and gives them livelihood

but rest 80% is about how ephemeris is written without using telescopes, (infact those 9 planets in vedic are GRAHAS, not planets you see through telescopes)  and how yearly predictions are written for countries, states, governments, climate predictions, agriculture predictions,  accidents, financial predictions etc.
how muhurtas are derived etc is also explained.

Surya Siddantha is one good old book to learn few of these
Wanting to learn vast ranged Astrology only to predict few sport events is like Marrying only for Sex !

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one !


virinchi you seem to be suggesting you have this knowledge but prefer not to share it.i ask again are there any learned people who have studied this ,who are willing to share some insight on this devastating event, which may threaten the worlds oceans.most books of the kind you describe are not only unobtainable here but difficult to understand, from a western perspective as they use terms that are hard to understand.i rely on people who have studied for years and are able to translate in a way that a westerner can comprehend.can anyone at least provide a link ,to someone who has attempted to explain this ongoing event  


i think he\'s not writing about this cos panchang ganit and panchang writing is a big subject compared to basic horoscope predcitions in indian astrology.
thats beyond the limit of a website forum
when 20% cannot be teached online, how can you expect to learn 80% here


okay. if you have studied vedic astrology completely (not just predictions of individual horoscopes but rules to write panchang and world+political+climate predictions too) then you\'ll know that indian year 2010-11 is called vikruti.
its opposite to prakruti(nature), so many unnatural events will happen this year.
Also there\'re methods to derive nava nayaka(9 rulers) for a particular year based on when moon enters a particular star on new year day.

these rules for 2010-11 are given here

mars controls natural calamities and climate this year and in vedic, Ketu controls all crude oil like petrol, diesel, natural gas etc extracted from earth and Rahu is cause for explosions.

so when ketu entered rahu\'s constellation arudra around april 3rd week, oil explosion will happen and then as long as ketu transits arudra, oil prices in international market will be on raise.
Mars ruling this year supports the cause
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