Jupiter in Capricorn [Makara Rasi] from 19 November 2020, Effects on 12 Signs

Started by OMkaar, November 10, 2020, 09:06:54 AM

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Jupiter will go back to Dhanishta nakshatra today after 11:30 Am IST.
Dhanishta lord Mars will be opposing Jupiter till mid August which causes wastage of resources (vaccines), foolish acts by politicians (appointing unfit people in high positions), empty promises (by leaders).
One should avoid emotional decisions in financial investments.

During September-October 2021, Mars in Kanya Trine Jupiter in Capricorn.
This is good time for generous acts, practicing religion, legal affairs, sports, fitness.
Avoid risky investments.

During November -December 2021, Mars in Libra and Scorpio will square Jupiter in Capricorn and Aquarius. Those who take things for granted will face setbacks.
Avoid long distance travel, property dealings, lawsuits, dominating others, unethical practices in business.

From 2nd Jan till 02 Mar 2022, Jupiter is bad for majority people