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Jupiter in Pisces from May 2010, effects

Started by Aindrita Ray, March 24, 2010, 08:23:07 AM

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I am a Cancer moon sign,  WOW It looks awfully bad !


those above are based on ascendants(lagnas) not moon signs as regularly followed by indians


Thanks Sasriekha, you made my day,  i am Libra lagna that makes it look a little better for me .....


Aries : Philanthrophy will be more. Will learn, practice and spread about religion, spirituality and occult sciences.
Will have foreign connections and few will see income from abroad or long distance.
Mother\'s health will be a cause of concern.
Friends will be helpful. Will have minor health issues related to feet, stomach and nerves

Taurus : Big financial benefits, increase in bank balance, family reunion and progress in education.
Good relations with friends and close relatives.
Jupiter in pisces will be 70% beneficial.

Gemini : Health problems in stomach and waist area.
Financial gain but obstacles at work when jupiter goes retrograde between august-november 2010.
Health is spouse will be better than earlier.

Cancer : Will put on weight this year.
Siblings will find love or marriage on cards.
Good time for progeny if you are trying for it.
Religious interests will be more as year ends and new year begins.

Leo : Fear and insecurity will take over as you tend to lose money and sleep.
Health will be robust and you will spend some money on philanthrophy and religious deeds.

Virgo : Sudden benefits in business and speculation.
Long trusted friends and partners will prove useful and lucky for you this year.
Will put on weight and will have to spend some money on weight reduction programs this year.
Change or purchase of vehicle, home possible for many.
Will have to avoid driving and sleeping during day times.

Libra : Changes in work place will be satisfactory.
Health, especially related to feet will bother all through the year.

Scorpio : Long lost love will return. Happiness through children and love.
Will visit places that were pending since past 2 years.
Financial gains and family get-togethers possible.
Long lost friends will be seen in powerful and influential positions.
Will realise difference between real love/frienship compared to fake relations.

Sagittarius : Transfers possible at work.
Control over diet is advised as stomach area will be upset due to uneven food habits.
Health of mother will be good.
Better avoid driving during nights.

Capricorn : Happy relation with spouse and siblings will make good progress in career.
Friends who came from abroad and who are in abroad now will try to show path.

Aquarius : Bank balance will increase.
Good news in family as one member will make extreme progress in career.
Friends will be co-operative and reputation among relatives will increase.

Pisces : Marriage or new relation possible for many after august.
Will be forced out of old relations and will enter new relations involuntarily.
New found love will be satisfactory and if married , will enjoy good relation with spouse.
Fame will be spread around during november-december.

Percentage of above results will vary depending on your personal horoscopes, vimsottari dasas,and Jupiter\'s points in Meena

Rasi in Ashtakavarga chart in your horoscope.
If Jupiter has 0,1,2 points in ashtakavarga  then positive results will be almost nil.
If it has 3 or 4 points, few positive results can be seen.
If it has 5 or 6 points, many positive results will be seen.
If it has 7 or 8 points, jupiter is completely benefic to you and all above said positive results will be experienced.
Wanting to learn vast ranged Astrology only to predict few sport events is like Marrying only for Sex !

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one !


i\'m a leo ascendant and moon sign too :(
things look tense



The transit of Jupiter into Pisces is on May 2nd 2010 at 7:05 am in India.

Jupiter is a \"Satvik\" or \"Purity\" planet. In Vedic Astrology there is a measurement referred to as the \"Shadbala\". The Shadbala strength of a planet is directly proportional to the radiation from the planet. For Satvik planets their strength is at full power when at a 610 nm wavelength. On May 2nd, 7.05 AM at the shrines (Power Vortexes) Alangudi and Tiruchendur the Shadbala strength of Jupiter will be 439/610. The corresponding radiation of Jupiter on that day at these Power Vortexes will be 591 nm. This is a high strength to radiate into your soul!

The planet Jupiter controls the \"Solar Plexus chakra\". The Plexus chakra in the human body is an energy center located 2\" above the navel. It energizes the digestive system and the glands that govern digestion. This chakra also controls the endocrine gland and the pancreas. This gland secretes the hormone insulin, and Insulin is the vital hormone that controls blood sugar.

The radiation of Jupiter at the vortex of Alangudi and Tiruchendur can be received by focusing you attention on the area of your navel and accessing the energy of these vortexes through the proper rituals to the Lord Jupiter.

"Arrow can be shot only by pulling the thread backwards.Whenever Life pulls u back,dont worry,it is going to lead you to VICTORY."


looks better days waiting.....  :-)  thanks Virinchi Sir and Seetaram Sir...


many companies and jobs are still under question mark.
i\'m just counting days for may 2nd to come


I think No one else is so desperate to welcome May 2nd the way I am....:smilegrin:
"Arrow can be shot only by pulling the thread backwards.Whenever Life pulls u back,dont worry,it is going to lead you to VICTORY."