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Jupiter in Pisces from May 2010, effects

Started by Aindrita Ray, March 24, 2010, 08:23:07 AM

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is it may 2nd morning or may 1st night because i see difference is k.p and n.c.lahiri ayanamsa


depends on timing of events in your life, you can pick which ayanamsha to use


i pick k.p ayanamsa which is 6\" ahead of lahiri ayanamsa (widely used in india) and according to this, jupiter moves into pisces tonight around 7:30 PM IST

based on moon\'s position at that time moorthi result of jupiter is calculated
moon will be on jyesta nakshatra, vrishchik rasi till early morning of may 2nd.

so, jupiter will give the sign results of scorpio, when counted from your moon sign.
example : if your moon sign at birth is kanya(virgo), then scorpio will be 3rd sign to you and jupiter\'s results will be accordingly

if scorpio is 1,6,11 from your moon sign : jupiter is suvarna(gold) moorti : gives 100% best results

if scorpio is 2,5,9 from your moon sign : jupiter is rajata(silver) moorti : 75% better results

if scorpio is 3,7,10 from your moon sign : jupiter is taamra(copper) moorti : 50-50 results

if scorpio is 4,8,12 from your moon sign : jupiter is loha(iron) moorti : bad results

this above percentage varies based on your individual ashtakavarga points of jupiter in pisces.

if you take n.c.lahiri ayanamsa, moon will be in sagittarius when jupiter moves to pisces and you can calculate accodingly


i think n.c.lahiri ayanamsa works correctly


I read somewhere that Jupiter transit also results in weight gains. Can anyone help in what all scenarios this happens?


Thanks Srikanth!!

I am gaining a lot of weight these days, this can be attributed to me being a Sagittarius Ascendant with Jupiter and running Jupiter dasha.


this transition will also trigger turbulances in goverments of few indian states.
Karnataka is on top of this list.

before end of 2010, jupiter will once again enter aquarius and go back to pisces and this will create major change in Ap state govt too.

central govt will also face a challenge in parliament


Very good information on Guru Transit.  Thanks to all for sharing.


Normally all view points are taken considering the rising ascendant, moon sign and sun sign.  Is it not? pl guide.