Jupiter Transit in Taurus from 16th May 2012 and effects

Started by thathwamasi, March 30, 2012, 02:45:55 PM

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Dear Learned members
Please could you post rasi/lagnam wise predictions for the forth coming Jupiter transit into Taurus.

Thanks and Respects


Brahmamaya Prakashini Nama Rupa Vimarsini
Kamakala Pradarshini Samarasya Nidharshini


jupiter moves into taurus on 16th may 2012 night 22:57 hrs IST. (according to k.p ayanamsa)
in western countries, date will be 16th only.

can thread title be edited accordingly....


according to moon signs and moorti predictions, when jupiter enters taurus, moon is in pisces.
so for pisces, libra and taurus, PISCES is (1,6,11) houses and jupiter is suvarna(gold) moorti : gives 100% best results

for aquarius, scorpio and capricorn, PISCES is (2,5,9) houses, and jupiter is rajata(silver) moorti : 75% better results

for capricorn, virgo and gemini, PISCES is  (3,7,10)  and jupiter is taamra(copper) moorti : 50-50 results

for sagittarius, leo, aries  PISCES is  (4,8,12)  and jupiter is loha(iron) moorti : bad results

this above percentage varies based on your individual ashtakavarga points of jupiter in pisces.


If you consider K.P, then jupiter will yield results signified by venus(house lord) and sun, moon, mars (starlords in taurus).
Jupiter transits on rohini constellation for long time (between july 2012 - april 2013), so it yields results signified by moon in your personal horoscope.(house owned by moon, house in which moon is placed, houses in which constellation lord of moon\'s placement is placed and owned)

Aindrita Ray

thanks for update OMkaar
very interesting info about moorti based results


generally as vedic astrologers say that jupiter\'s transit in 2,5,7,9,11 signs, counted from your moon sign is good.
But in reality what OMkaar said is true.

also to be more specific, jupiter yields results of sun, moon (for almost 9 months) and mars in taurus (k.P)


after understanding and applying k.p, i would agree with last paragraph (below line) by OMkaar
All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire

jayesh the angel

dear gurujans and seniors,

Kindly oblige us by posting effects of Guru transits as pr moon sign or lagn for 12 zodiac signs.



okay if you want to check w.r.t your moon sign, then :

For all Moon Signs : Transit of Jupier in Taurus from 16th may 2012

(check your ashtakavarga points before this)

Aries :

You get the support of your family members, your wife and children are a source of happiness. A litte bit of effort brings financial gains and popularity. Patience, courage and determination lead to job opportunities. You feel complete.

Taurus :

Your health remains good, though your heart remains restless. If you\'re an industrialist or a businessman you will end up putting too much of an effort without too good results. In the field of progress there will be new problems materializing every now and then. Students will get good results equivalent to the efforts they put in.

Gemini :

Mental disturbances will increase because of which your confidence gets affected. You will be victorious against enemies. Try and stay away from taking debts. You could be betrayed by your friends and relatives. The tasks that were so long at halt get completed.

Cancer :

The contacts that you have with distant people will be useful and will help. You remain healthy and make good progress in your work field. Your destiny works in favor, and new projects materialize. You get the support of near dear ones.

Leo :

If you remain courageous, determined and patient then your source of income remains secure.Keep a check on your anger and words or else things might go against you. You will be involved in useless running about. Your work stamina increases.

Virgo :

Political gains, increase in respect and popularity, mental strain, confusion in thought, family problems and obstacles in your work place.

Libra :

You get lesser than the amount of efforts you put in .Expenditures will be more than your earning. Your social status gets affected, legal issues and hassle arise, you might have to undertake pain staking journey.

Scorpio :

Promotion in the job front, increase in popularity and respect , your relationship with friends remains cordial, you will use your intellect to get all that\'s at halt go moving for you. Dedication to work and support from family members foreseen.

Sagittarius :

Family disturbance, loss of position power and respect, you might have to undertake unwanted travel, your efforts in financial and social areas pay of well and your family obligations will be fulfilled.

Capricorn :

Your quench for luxury gets satisfied, family obligations get fulfilled. Your heart remains restless. In spite of all the effort you put in the work front results continue to be minimal.

Aquarius :

You get promotion at work place while your wife and children continue to be a source of happiness, new opportunities arise and you get the support of family members.

Pisces :

Expenditure will be high, social status will be questioned; your mental capacities increase and all your pending work get completed.



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