Jupiter Transit in Taurus from 16th May 2012 and effects

Started by thathwamasi, March 30, 2012, 02:45:55 PM

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the longest single constellation transit of jupiter has started last sunday.
usually jupiter should transit a constellation for about 160 days but in vrishabh rasi, rohini nakshatra, guru will remain for almost 10 months.
from 1st july 2012 - 29/30th april 2013, jupiter is remaining on rohini.
checkout which houses moon signifies in your horoscope.
you have strong chance to experience those results in next 10 months (more particularly if mars or rahu also signify signify same houses, as saturn transits on constellations owned by mars and rahu till next year)

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jupiter\'s retrograde motion started few hours back and will continue for almost 4 months from now.
surprisingly its transiting within same constellation for long time, so not too many people will be effected.
If moon is your ruling planet (you\'re born in cancer ascendant/moon sign, with moon under constellations of rohini, hasta, sravana) or born on monday(sunrise to tuesday sunrise, especially during nights), this transit will influence you, based on what houses moon signifies in your chart
In a day..when u dont come across any problems... you can be sure that you are traveling in wrong path - SWAMI VIVEKANANDA


Jupiter\'s Rx motion ended last evening.
So, anyone who has been experiencing financial disturbances, should see some peace of mind this month


Jupiter going direct in Taurus (between 30 jan - 30 may 2013) provides relief from whatever problems faced by the people with Moon sign Aries, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn.

Jupiter rules wealth and education while Taurus rules material comforts and luxury. Jupiter's move is a time to be alert and actively work with Jupiter's Wealth energy. So Jupiter can increase our level of wealth and He can also give us a new understanding of wealth and how to increase it.

Jupiter is the largest planet and moves slowly. When it does make a move it is a move felt by all. In our Solar System, it is the largest planet and it's heavy gravitational field pulls in bombarding asteroids and sling-shots them back into outer space before reaching earth.

Jupiter is regarded as the most auspicious planet among all the 9 planets, because of its abilities to bestow all that is good for a generous and respectful life. All planets can bring wealth but Jupiter brings more wealth with understanding.

As a heavy planet, Jupiter also expands your physical weight depending on the transit. But when Jupiter is unfavorably placed, he creates fears and tears, ruins the reputation, destroys chances for wealth, and makes for disasters in life with less chance of recovery.

Jupiter gives opportunity and is the force that makes you realize that you have an opportunity. You may have an opportunity but you should know how to use it to increase abundance, expansion, upliftment, development and nourishment with some added value. Jupiter alone can give you the knowledge of realizing and utilizing an opportunity.

Significance of Jupiter
  • It is the planet that grants protection from the evil tendency of the cosmic forces as well as the bad karmic energies built over series of births.

  • He is the most auspicious and benefic planet. However, this does not imply or mean that He does not do any harm or damage. When Jupiter is malefic, it gives nothing but fear and tears. It ruins the reputation, destroys wealth and brings disaster in life.

  • Among all the planets, Jupiter alone has the greatest power to grant wish and fulfill our ambitions.
   Matters governed by Jupiter are: Wealth, Children, Knowledge, Spirituality, Honest attitude, Popularity, Dharma (Righteousness), Gold, High positions, Guru, Power, Reputation, Ghee, Butter, Sweet, Honey, Yellow Sapphire, Laws, Liver, Sanskrit Language, Priest, Holy people, Numeric Number-3.

  • Advancement in spirituality is impossible unless the purity of heart is maintained with higher thoughts. Jupiter alone can help progress in this direction.


if some aries ascendant or moon sign (mesh rasi, especially bharani nakshatra born) born are experiencing sudden financial gains from this month, then don't get carried away.
This is a bubble which will burst after 3 months.
Plan your finances carefully and don't overspend


this is ending in 2 months and people born under aries, cancer, scorpio (moon signs and ascendants) can experience sudden raise in income levels, or find new oppurtunities of raising more money through loans, banks, credit cards etc.
But they need to be careful with expenditure because after may, it wont be easy to control it


From april 30th (around 6 AM, IST), Jupiter will transit in Mrigasira constellation owned by mars.
So for next 2 months, major transit results will be based on which houses does mars signify in your chart.
this is a very quick transit and ends in just about 8 weeks


Do you expect real estate business to pickup in these two months ?
quick transit of jup on mars star means many court cases will be solved quickly, police will become more active and register more cases, excess heat in atmosphere etc