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MARS stationary in Cancer for 234 days

Started by Ravi Varma, September 27, 2009, 12:19:41 AM

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Ravi Varma

planet mars/kuja will be moving into cancer sign on october 5th 2009 and will stay in that sign for an unusual period of almost 8 months. (usually it changes sign each 45 days)

can someone throw some light on its effects?

i found 2 links related to mars in cancer



complete analysis of mars in cancer and its effects is written here

i\'ll complete the predictions for moon signs and ascendants during these 234 days

These 234 days will be testing times for people born under Aries and Scorpio moon signs and ascendants.
Aries people will face tough time with their partners. Domestic happiness will disappear. Partnership business will be broken.
Scorpions will face tough situations at home and with regard to their reputation. Expenditure will be high and courage will be low.
Decision making capacity will be tested.

Taurus people will have seperation from partners, repair work at home, expenditure through partnerships. Will be driving a lot and should be careful

Gemini should think thrice before speaking. Should avoid arguments at home. expenditure will be out of control. should be careful with driving.

Cancer moon signs and ascendants will have low self esteem. Should avoid arguments with partners. Health issues and constant fear during work and driving.

Leo will travel long distance and most of the time will spend away from home.
favourable for higher studies. Should be careful with driving.
Things will be more favourable after 100 days of transition

... will write more later


hey DCP
please continue and post about rest of the signs too
i\'m eager to know about mine


:mad: mine is scorpio and i hate to be in such situations for almost 8 months :(


Virgo people will have best time as mars will be in 11th house.
they will be full of courage and will handle any situation easily
will have to control speech when mars goes retrograde

librans will not have great time with family and partners.
they\'ll face opposition and competition in profession

sagittarius people should take good care of health and should avoid anger and depressing thoughts.
love affairs will break up.

capricorn people should be careful with driving and should honor their spouse.
friends will disappoint in a wanting situation

aquarius people will do good, except that their work will get boring and tiresome

pisceans will be aggressive but in controlled  fashion.
will cut themselves off from friends and concentrate on work


during this stationary period MARS goes in retrograde motion between dec 22 2009 - march 11 2010
this will be testing period for people born under Aries and Scorpio(lagna and moon signs)


i better go on a vacation if i start seeing something worst during that time :cool:


it wont be that bad if your vimsottari dasa is favourable


mars usually goes stationary in one sign every year
last year it was in gemini, now in cancer
so its like jupiter, saturn going retro every year
common issue.. dont worry much


Effects of Mars during its stay in the sign Cancer on Moon Signs:

Aries: Relationship with Mother will not be good. Litigation in landed properties would emerge. Health and comfort would get affected.

Taurus: Endeavours would be successful. Your ability would come to lime light. Relationships with siblings would not be good. Communication setbacks.

Gemini: Professional gains. Increase in income. Sanction of loans. Speculative gains. Ailment in face and eyes.

Cancer: Career growth. Speculative gains. Ailment to children. Intelligence would excel. Reputation would be disturbed.

Leo: Investments on land would be made. Overseas trade would prosper. Setback in education. Good relationship with siblings.

Virgo: Gains without pains. Litigation will result in your favor. Cure from ailments. Siblings would help.

Libra: Professional gains. Misunderstanding with spouse. Reputation will increase. Work load will be more.

Scorpio: Ailments in chest or hip would occur. Family reputation would be under stake. Hospitalisation would be there. Circulation of money will be satisfactory.

Sagittarius: Sudden ailments. Ailment to children, Problems through children. Stress due to work load. Intelligence would get affected. Problems in romance.

Capricorn: Gain through landed property. Purchase of vehicle. Comfortable life. Good understanding and comforts through spouse. Education will be good.

Aquarius: Courageous decision will favor. Relationship with siblings would get affected. Short trips would favor. Ailments in head especially ears would occur.

Pisces: Spiritual growth. Good circulation of Money. Father would support you financially. Health problems to father. Providential help will be there.
!! Wish Change Nothing, Decision Change Everything !!