Mars stationary in LEO for 235 days in 2011-12

Started by Star Dust, October 24, 2011, 08:53:32 PM

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Star Dust

Mars will enter its friendly sign LEO on 30th october 2011 and will exit on 21st june 2012

can someone elaborate on its long stationary effects ?
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Mars and Saturn will be aspecting rahu in scorpio and aquarius for few days initially (until saturn moves into libra)
this will cause unexpected pressure situations for people born in those ascendants and moon signs.

Generall, if we consider moon signs, this will be good for Pisces, Gemini, Leo, Libra (partially)


Effects of Mars during its transit in the LEO on Moon Signs:

Aries: Spiritual growth. Good circulation of Money. Father would support you financially. Health problems to father. Providential help will be there.

Taurus: Relationship with Mother and wife(in-laws) will not be good. Litigation in landed properties would emerge. Health and comfort would get affected.

Gemini: Endeavours would be successful. Your ability would come to lime light. Relationships with siblings would not be good. Communication setbacks.

Cancer: Professional gains. Increase in income. Sanction of loans. Speculative gains. Ailment in face and eyes.

Leo: Career growth. Speculative gains. Ailment to children. Intelligence would excel. Reputation would be disturbed.

Virgo: Investments on land would be made. Overseas trade would prosper. Setback in education. Good relationship with siblings. Relations with people abroad will improve.

Libra: Gains without pains. Litigation will result in your favor. Cure from ailments. Siblings would help.

Scorpio: Professional gains. Misunderstanding with spouse. Reputation will increase. Work load will be more. Blood related diseases, overheat in body, heart pain may occur.

Sagittarius: Ailments in chest or hip would occur. Family reputation would be under stake. Hospitalisation would be there. Circulation of money will be satisfactory.

Capricorn: Sudden ailments. Ailment to children, Problems through children. Stress due to work load. Intelligence/Memory would get affected. Problems in (secret) romance.

Aquarius: Health problems, hiccups in profession, strained relation with spouse, financial crunch.

Pisces: Courageous decision will favor. Relationship with siblings would get affected. Short trips would favor. Ailments in head especially ears would occur.
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thanks seetaram ji :)
hope saturn and jupiter transit manipulate mars's effect to some extent



I've been following Astrology for the past 12 - 13 years. I've not seen Mars stationed in a particular Sign for more than 6 months and all. This is really very new to hear that Mars is gonna have a Stationary Transit in Leo for 235 days. Has it ever happened before in the recent past? Can anyone who's following Astrology more seriously throw light on this?

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Thanks for the post.I haven't seen this post. Also in 2009, I was following Vaakya Panchangam only and not KP. That's why I was not aware of this. As per Vaakya Panchangam, this transit was not there like that. It's interesting though.

Quote from: Varenya on November 07, 2011, 11:04:46 AM
it was for 234 days in cancer last time.
read this :
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mars is close to earth due to being stationary and retro.
thats why we can see it clearly on east sky beside moon tonight also


On April 14, after a couple months of slow, retrograde motion, Mars finally turns direct again!
Any motivation that\'s been waning lately will suddenly rear up, giving you the drive and determination to take on just about anything you put your mind to.

Next month mercury enters Aries and Mercury can leave you a bit restless and easily scattered, and when mixed with excitable Aries, you\'ll have a tendency to immediately say whatever pops into your head. Fortunately, people will be less likely to hold grudges under this transit, so you can keep moving along at the high-paced speed of life!