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Predictions of 2012 by mayan calender

Started by Sharmila, July 12, 2009, 02:28:20 PM

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hello i was wondering if vedic knowledge has anything to say about the so called\"end of time\"around 2012 .and of the return every 3600 years of  a large object into our solar system, which people r calling planet x . supposedly orbiting a brown dwarf star.if their is  a periodic  pole shift as suggested our ecliptic would change and a new zodiac of stars would present vedic records go back more than 3600 years and was their any earth changes recorded?


our minds and bodies will adjust to new world attitude
nothing will be destroyed

kaliyug will end when a kid is born and lives his life to the fullest and dies at the age of 5 !!!
he dies at evening and this world will not see next sunrise. All will be destroyed over night.

this will happen after 426,000+ years when humans will be of the size of rats and live in small tunnels


thanks. more research  reveals people who r informing with slick presentations r also making money from this.just another distraction it seems.


will soon try to write an article on life span of earth and our creator


Hello Friends,
Yesterday i was watching History channel which said about 2012 and \"lost book of Nostradamus\"  7 images/drawings of his explaining something is coming .....

To a person like me who has very less knowledge about astrology I feel like sharing some things from my side.. please feel free to comment and pass you opinion let\'s have a chat....

I think Lost book indicates something is coming which will change the world from bad to good....

Not all people will die but all people will see some calamities which will make them realize to live in more bounding/ happy/ non war environment....
in future from 2012 ......
Bring it on ....


My personal opinion is..

There is no other planet like Earth, it is unique in creation by cosmic/god .

This planet needs a housekeeping, cleanup and rejuvenate. So there is something coming which can be triggered by nature or by human kind. So be prepared for a race/religion/country/continent to vanish..

Romans were gone, so is greeks, so is mayans...research more on internet about extinct races. They were once dominant group in their society.

So now don\'t start pointing others, it could you very own or lovable neighbours ;-)


About Year 2012

The year 2012 is the subject of a great deal of attention. According to Mayan prophesy, when the sun rises on December 21, 2012, it will be the first time in 26,000 years the sunrise will pass through the Milky Way\'s plane of the ecliptic. This cosmic crossing of sorts is considered to be the incarnation of the Sacred Tree, often referred to as the Tree of Life for the entire world.

Some people believe this date marks the end of the world, but this interpretation could be a bit drastic. Others believe the date actually signals a transitional period between ages, one that will witness wars, negative environmental changes and destruction. Society in general will experience a constant state of chaos. Once the world passes through this transitional period, it is said that it will enter a time of peace and harmony.


Many are believing that world will end in 2012. Nothing will happen to the world. As per predictions of saint pothuluri veera bramhendra swamy world will not end in 2012. Whatever he says all came true. As per him he will reborn into this world and before his birth there will be many indication he has given. But nothing done till now. So dont worry about 2012. He will return to the world as veeraboga vasantharayalu.


what might be the duration of transitional period any info about that or any guesses


hmm lot of interesting insights but we need to loose the currency religions and boundaries to live peacefully..
Can I, as a human being, lead a different kind of life?