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Eclipses in 2012 and their effects

Started by Srikanth, May 02, 2012, 07:07:26 PM

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2012\'s first eclipse comes in the form of partial solar eclipse on 20th may 2012 (21st may early morning in eastern countries)

sun conjuncts ketu in taurus(vrishabh rasi) on that day.

can any astrologer throw some light on effects of this eclipse


Since the first solar eclipse of 2012 is starting on 20 may night in eastern asia and moving towards USA, its ill-effects will be more on country towards which it travels (USA, canada).

if you\'re running sun dasa or born in leo ascendant or moon sign, or in taurus asc/moon sign, you need to watch your health for next 45 days.
Your body will be strained heavily.

Ravi Varma

this solar eclipse appears partially in east india between 4:30 - 4:45 AM on 21st may


Dear all.
Will the Solar eclipse have any impact on people in India as it was not visible to most places in India.



if any eclipse is not visible in your area, then ignore it.

4th june 2012, lunar eclipse will be mostly seen in east asia, australia, newzealand, north and south america and islands in pacific ocean.
since eclipse moves towards amercia, its bad effects will be more on that continent.

lunar eclipse effects our psychology and troubles people who frequently suffer with water related diseases like cold etc.
Most ill effects will be for people born in ascendants and moon signs of scorpio, taurus, aries, cancer, libra, sagittarius.

For few, it can cause insomnia and bad dreams


what about the solar eclipse on november 13  and the lunar eclipse 15 days eclipse on nov 28th. when solar eclipse happens suns goin to be debilitated n venus too deb?  will  this have any major effect on any signs?  

Star Dust

nov 13-14 solar eclipse happens with sun in ending of libra and rahu in scorpio.
health of people born under both these signs will be effected.
also this eclipse is bad for everyone in general
but is not seen in asia, europe and north america, so we dont have to worry about its effects
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lunar eclipse on 28 november 2012 will effect all countries except south america, east coast of usa and western africa.
worst effected are people born under moon signs of taurus, scorpio, libra, gemini.
psychological problems, sudden expenditure, tight financial position, sudden downfall in income/business, indecisiveness, mental fatigue will be experienced.

better avoid financial transactions, works requiring heavy thinking etc till mid dec.

people who gain are born in moon signs of pisces, cancer, leo, sagittarius.

for rest, it\'ll give moderate results.

countries effected badly are australian and african
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thanks for the map.
few ignorant astrologers in india are claiming that eclipse won\'t be visible here, so its effects wont be experienced