Rahu in Leo, Ketu in Aquarius from 9 January 2016

Started by Paanchajanya, December 12, 2015, 05:10:07 PM

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Rahu and Ketu will be transiting in Leo (Simha Rasi) and Aquarius (Kumbha Rasi) respectively from 09 January 2016 after 22:10 hours IST (taking TRUE positions of nodes and k.p ayanamsa)https://www.astrogle.com/images/astro_predictions/rahu_leo_ketu_aquarius.jpg" align="right" />

Both these shadow planets will remain in same signs till 02:54 hrs IST on 11 September 2017.
In general, these transits for next 18 months will be beneficial for people born under Moon Signs of Pisces, Gemini, Libra (partial) and Sagittarius.
Pisceans will see materalistic progress mixed with spiritual growth.
Gemini will be more aggressive as they also enjoy results of good karma from past deeds.
Sagittarians will gain more spiritual knowledge.
Librans will have good progress in materialistic world but will lack concentration and also have issues with kids and lovers



Aries : Bad relations with children, lovers. Lack of concentration in materialistic pursuits but good progress in spiritual world.
Saturn from 8th house aspecting Rahu in 5th house till March and again from August, will make matters related to mind worse.
Meditation and detachment can help.

Taurus : Family life will be disturbed. Not a good time to buy new vehicle, partneship business or new investments.
Wearing a silver chain around neck can help.

Gemini : Short trips will be fruitful. Communication skill will improve. Good time for developing new relations at work.

Cancer : Health of a family member will become cause of concern. Avoid arguments within family.
Avoid investments, loans etc.

Leo : Control temper, else you will lose repuation. There will few chances to exhibit your intelligence and presence of mind.
Selfishness will increase. Marital relation will be strained. Avoid extra marital affairs.

Virgo : More hard work, less returns and recognition.
You will have to face allegations which can damage reputation. Avoid all those who are not your well-wishers and get back to those who stood by you in tough times,
Insomnia can effect few.
Spiritual approach can guide you in complicated situations.


Libra : You will meet influential people and get multiple oppurtunities for growth.
Relations with father and children will not be cordial.
Speculation will be up and down.

Scorpio : Work will pose multiple problems and challenges. Colleagues will not be in coordination.
Some of you will be victim of bureaucracy. Health of mother will not be good.

Sagittarius : Except for health of father, rest all will be good.
Some of you will develop thoughts against own religion, customs and traditions.

Capricorn : Multiple health issues, accidents, threats and hidden fears will come up.
Monetary position will be unstable.
Ketu in 2nd H will give sudden wealth, while Rahu in 8th H will take it away.

Aquarius : This time if good only to gain spiritual knowledge and pilgrimage.
Strained relations with partners, weak nerves, insomnia will disturb you.
Stay away from Show-Off people.
Avoid all illegal and immoral acts.

Pisces : Good health, control over activities of enemies, courage, cooperation from higher authorities, spiritual progress, enlightenment, assistance from subordinates will be seen.
Avoid harsh driving as Saturn conjunct Mars will be aspecting Rahu in 6th H.
Feed fish regularly for better progress.

These predictions are applicable if you Lagna/Ascendant is in begining of those signs


Terrorism at its PEAK !!
IS will target unemployed youth from more countries. Few will be caught before leaving India, family links of other recruits will be traced.
India will face more cross-border terrorism, firing and war-situation at border. More links to ISI will be exposed in Indian cities like Hyderabad.
One leader from pakistan, who supports LeT in kashmir will be killed mysteriously.
Middle-East to see worst days in 2016.
Black Money will be curbed within India. New higher notes can come. Thailand can smuggle fake currency through sea.

CCTV cameras will act as witness for multiple crimes
Wanting to learn vast ranged Astrology only to predict few sport events is like Marrying only for Sex !

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one !


Looks like not so good year for India as terror, corruption, adulteration are all increasing.
Viranchi sir is their respite from the testing times? religious activities have increased though its not giving any result, as these activities are performed on a superficial note and associated with material desires.  Or is this just one more step towards an eventual rechurning?



Already tension and attacks on India border started !
Guru chandal yoga showing its effects... similar to what happened in end of 2008


Ketu entered into Rahu owned Satabisha nakshatra last night (16th july Indian time).
During next 4.5 months it will create tensions across NW border of India and also in middle-east countries.
Between december 2016 - april 2017 there can be a serious war situation.[when rahu transits ketu owned makha]
Also next year Saturn will transit ketu owned Moola nakshatra and definitely between jan-apr 2017 massive killings will happen in Asia and Europe
All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire

Ravi Varma

Everyone is blaming Pakistan but China is a bigger problem.
I just hope they're put under control by usa