Saturn Transit in Libra, 2011-2014 and effects on signs

Started by thathwamasi, October 24, 2011, 10:47:15 AM

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I used the Google translator to read what you have written. :) Are these also for moon signs ?


Saturn returns to libra on 2nd august 2012.
These are simple remedies for saturn\'s transit in libra (if its malefic for your ascendant and moon sign).

Pisces : Do not comb your hair on saturday

Cancer : Donate Mustard oil on Saturday after seeing your face in this oil.Wear black clohes on Saturday.

Virgo, Libra, Scorpio : Avoid lies try to be honest with yourself.
Do not hurt anyone with your words.

Saturn doesn\'t hurt anyone as long as it doesnt find any mistake in your behaviour.
Especially for virgo, libra, scorpio born and those who have less than 4 points in ashtakavarga for saturn in libra, you will have chances to take wrong path or short cuts.

If you control yourself from taking those routes, you will not reach your goal quickly but atleast your daily life will not be disturbed.

But if you are tempted and pick wrong route, you may find initial success, but saturn will destroy everything in the end.
It expects you to develop patience, honesty

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saturn is entering into thula rasi on 2nd aug , 17:20 hrs IST when moon transits capricorn (makar rasi).

so for next 27 months in libra, saturn will be 100% benefic to pisces, leo and capricorn moon sign people.
It will be 75% benefic for sagittarius, virgo and taurus moon sign people.
It will give 50-50 results for people born in scorpio, cancer, aries moon sign people
Saturn gives only 25% good results and 75% bad results for people born in libra, gemini, aquarius moon signs


i was expecting rain to start at 5:20 pm today.
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Virinchiji have you written any books on KP where i can learn  KP from?


On saterday i had listen that

1. Everday the person if wake up at 5am and do regular walking lord shanidev reduce panishment.
2. On every saterday early morning take Adrak (Aalam) with gud (belam) which is good remidy for shani effects.
3. weare black and dark cloths on saterday.
4. visit tample of Lord Hanuman or Lord Shivji.
5. chant Hanuman Chalisa on saterday.



even if you don believe in any religion, still saturn will effect you because you\'ve karmic balance.
so best remedies for bad saturn transit are : avoid eating meat, quit alchohol and smoking etc on saturdays (especially nights). saturday means from sunrise on saturday to sunrise on sunday.

massage your body and hair with sesame seeds oil before bathing on saturday morning

always wash your feet and hands before sleeping.

and above remedies suggest by Virinchi


Does sade sati affect different people in different ways even if their rashi is same?


based on your birth star, effects changes every year.
not everyone will have bad sadesathi... it is usually a myth.
only those who have saturn as malefic in their charts, who have 0,1,2 points in ashtakavarga in those transit rasis will suffer.
also jupiter\'s positive transit saves from saturn\'s bad transit.

most important is your vimsottari dasa.
if you\'re going through strong benefic dasa, then these transits cant harm you.

for details about sani\'s effects for your nakshatra, use search button on left side bar and search for \'saturn effect on constellations\'
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i think saturn retrograde in libra is punishing those who hurt others in the past.
Everyone who did scams, stole others money, insulted, cheated etc, will get paid back in next 4-5 months