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Saturn transit in Virgo from 9-9-9

Started by Virinchi, September 09, 2009, 08:03:07 AM

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its explained by DCP above ..

see on which day and time saturn or any planet transits into next sign.
see in which sign moon is at that time.
calculate the number of that sign from your moon sign at birth
and check from that table given by DCP

saturn transited on 9th september and moon was in aries sign.
so see what will be aries from your moon sign and the result


saturn in virgo is not retrograde.
whats its effects


the movement of planets does effect by moon & ascendant sign both, my past exp tell me Ascendant sign is more correct for these kinda predictions


yes. but it is rarely followed as all ancient books and their followers go by moon sign.

ofcourse moon sign is also close but ascendant preditcions are best

sunsigns are timepass


i feel current retro motion of saturn is delaying things a lot around the world


i guess retro effects remain till june 1st.
can someone throw light on aspects on saturn on different constellations from where it is right now?


planets transiting on constellations owned by saturn , pushyami, anuradha, uttarabhadra will give slow results or cause hurdles

right now mars is transiting pushyami and sun transiting uttarabhadra
but when jupiter transits uttarabhadra, saturn will be direct


its really boring to wait for 2 months more
i wish mars atleast moves into ashresha constellation soon


Hi senior members

can someone tell me what will be the effect on 12 different zodiac signs of Saturn being direct from 30th May.

And aspect of Saturn in Virgo on Jupiter in Pisces.


i think its becoming straight on june 2nd, unless you\'re following different ayanamsha