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Saturn transit in Virgo from 9-9-9

Started by Virinchi, September 09, 2009, 08:03:07 AM

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Saturn Direct from 30th May 2010 - effects

Saturn in Virgo will create a positive effect on research activities, event managing activities. It gives an innate ability to manage others. It will give a thrust in the hospital sector and research in pharmaceutical industries. Virgo is the 6th house of the Natural Zodiac. All matters related to 6th house like health, sickness, service will be activated during this period. It will give discipline to make a realistic achievement in service, jobs, research in the fields of healing and medicine. This position will give an impetus to agriculture, environment projects taken up under the banner "Go Green". It will give attention to all activities that need patience, resourcefulness and the ability to adapt. There will a focus on sustainability that is helped along by Saturn in Virgo\'s lessons of simplicity, modest living and knowing what\'s essential and what\'s not. It will give hard and punishing lessons to those who poison the environment and health. This position will help the farmers and the agriculture sector to get good benefits from their crops

Saturn gives good results when it occupies the 3rd, 6th, 11th house from the janma rashi. This means all those individuals who have Mesha, Karka, Vrischikha as their janma rashi will benefit during this transit. It will give wealth, happiness, good health, freedom from disease and enemies, success, gains and overall happiness.

Saturn in Virgo has aspect over Scorpio through its 3rd house aspect, Meena through its 7th house aspect, Mithuna through its 10th house aspect. Hence all the natives who have their lagna, janma rashi or planets in these signs will be affected more than others. The following results will be felt by natives with their janma rashi as :.

Aries natives will benefit in their service through promotions, career growth, securing a job. Their overall health is likely to improve. Children will get success in education during this period. This is not a favorable time for those seeking marriage. There will be trouble with communication. Hence they should think twice before they speak lest they will get into trouble.

Taurus natives will suffer from their love affairs. This period is likely to give difficulties to them through their children, friends, elder, near and dear ones. They will suffer loss in partnerships, speculation and shares. This is not a favorable time for those seeking service, promotions and change in jobs. However children will fare well in their exams.

Gemini natives will receive success in education, higher studies & research activities.  They will be likely to receive promotions, good career opportunities. This is a favorable time for changing residence. However they will suffer from health problems. Hence they need to control their diet. This is not a favorable time for speculation. However it is a good time for long term investments in land and property.

Cancer natives will receive opportunities and benefits, wealth, success in love and marriage. This is a good time for travelling and those in research activities. There will be success in love and partnerships. Those intending for marriage will be lucky to find a suitable partner during this period. Children will have trouble in concentrating and studying.

Leo natives will receive financial setbacks. This is the last portion of sade sathi for them. There will be difficulties in education, trouble in getting through with competitive exams. Those with health problems need to take extra precaution and have a control on their diet. There are chances for accidents, operations and difficulties in activities undertaken.

Saturn in Virgo for Virgo natives will give results depending upon whether Saturn is benefic or malefic in the birth chart. This transit will be eventful for them. This position will give good / bad results depending upon the strength of Saturn in the birth chart as it can change the life of the individual. If Saturn is beneficial in the birth chart then the natives will get promotion, success in love affairs, good mental strength and success in marriage. Whereas a malefic Saturn will give trouble in all matters regarding health, service, children, love, relationships, communication, partnerships and career.

Libra natives will have troubles with in their finance. It is the 1st portion of their sade sathi. They will face difficulties in service. They need to take care in everything and every decision that they make. They are likely to suffer loss hence it is better for them to avoid speculation. They need to think twice before travelling. There will be unnecessary expenditure.

Scorpio natives will benefit during this transit. They will receive unexpected wealth. Wealth through legacies, heredity will be received. There will be trouble to mother. There will be difficulties in love. Unexpected events may change their outlook on life.

Sagittarius natives will suffer in their career and have difficulties in their domestic life. There will be difficulties for their parents. They are likely to face tough competition from their colleagues, enemies. They will be disappointed in competitive exams. They are likely to suffer loss. It is however a good time for investing on long term duration.

Capricorn natives will benefit from travel. There will be growth opportunities and success in increasing their wealth. It is a good time for those natives who do not have children and wish to have them. This is a good time for carrying out religious undertakings, higher studies, research activities and long distance travel.

Aquarius natives will benefit in service. There will be additional income. There will be good career opportunities during this period. This is a good time for education, long term investments. However they need to take care of their health and must control their diet. If Saturn is malefic in the birth chart then this transit will give accidents and make the native bed ridden or hospitalization. Those evading justice will be caught and put in jails.

Pisces natives will have difficulties in partnerships. Those natives seeking divorce will materialize during this period. Those seeking to marry for the 2nd time will succeed. A change in residence is also indicated. This is a good time for those who intend to travel and do teerth yatra, pay religious homage. Children will find difficulty in concentration and studies.

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its straight on may 30th night around 11 PM and thanks for update



saturn going straight from sunday night is good sign for few moon signs like taurus, cancer, virgo, scorpio, capricorn and pisces


Saturn, the planet of discipline, which has been retrograde since January 13 goes direct on May 30, while Neptune goes retrograde in Aquarius on May 31. Both of these are subtle shifts, unlikely to bring resounding changes, however, they form the back drop to what is going on in your life so it is important to understand these changes.

Retrograde Saturn may have presented a tricky period time, especially with feelings of inadequacy and self doubts around career matters. But hopefully, it wasn't all lost time and with some luck, the self-examination brought out a few truths and the recognition that effort needs to be put into fulfilling your goals.

With the positive energy of Saturn direct, now is the time to start moving forward in a steady, well-organized way towards your goals. Saturn's ambitions are always modest and the lesson of Saturn is solid achievement that lasts over time is built step by step, and that patience and perseverance do pay off.

Neptune goes retrograde on May 31. Neptune has great strengths but just as great weaknesses. It is spiritual, creative and kind as well as evasive, delusional and escapist. When planets go retrograde, it has the effect of turning the energy inwards. Those with artistic talents may find themselves even more in touch with their muses than before and spiritual seekers may dig deeper for that divine connection.

However, this is also the time when the less constructive side of Neptune may also surface, so be prepared for confusion to reign and temptations to loom large as a consolation for inner discontent. The key is to find a positive outlet for Neptune\'s need to reach perfection and bliss. Follow your dreams and they will take you far -- maybe not instantly but this is the time to nurture their tender new beginnings.

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many people who had dis-satisfaction in job , business, income will get it cleared within a week of saturn going direct


my saturn astakvarga is 5 in virgo(6th house) with gemini moon sign(3rd house) so its suvarna i.e 100% good so its  should be favourable for me but still i m facing lots of trouble in business and heart breaking relationship.  i m having shani dhaiya


it may not be because of saturn effect.
you need to check vimsottari dasas, their star and sublords and also jupiter ashtakavarga
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Vimsottari Dasa:

 Jup MD: 2006-08-16 (21:46:55) - 2022-08-17 (0:06:29)

  Antardasas in this MD:

  Jup: 2006-08-16 (21:46:55) - 2008-10-04 (18:55:24)
  Sat: 2008-10-04 (18:55:24) - 2011-04-14 (5:51:47)
  Merc: 2011-04-14 (5:51:47) - 2013-07-22 (15:21:58)

started computer bussiness(its related to shani am i right?) in saturn anterdasha (nov/2008).

i want to know which planets is currently giving malefic effects to me.  i m scaring of shani so i m reciting hanuman chalisa and aditya hrudyam.