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Saturn transit in Virgo from 9-9-9

Started by Virinchi, September 09, 2009, 08:03:07 AM

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saturn gets vargottam status after october 17th when it remains in same sign (in both rasi and navamsa)
right now in navamsa its in enemy sign leo

so after 17th, saturn gives more relief if you had bad year since 2010



saturn re-entered virgo 3 days back in retro motion but will continue to give effects of being in libra until it goes direct on 25 june.
(Rx planets, except jupiter, give effect of sign when Rx motion started)

from 26 june - 2 august, it gives effect of being in virgo and then re-enters libra.
Effects depend on what saturn signifies for you and how many points you have for saturn in virgo and libra


saturn is now direct in Virgo.
so we can expect same results as we saw between sept 2009 - nov 2011


yes pallavi, but worst is that mars is conjunct saturn for next till last week of september and its not a good sign.
now that jupiter\'s aspect is controlling them, we\'re still seeing safe days.
but in aug-sept, when mars+saturn move into libra, they will create disturbances in society.

already we\'ve seen bus accidents etc since past few days due to this combination

jayesh the angel

Dear gurus,

How will this combo of mars and saturn will be for people who have these two stalward planet in libra in their natal lagn chart or shd i say it a saturn and mars return to libra.

Will the effects get altered if saturn is exalted in a birth chart and have 5 + astakwarg points in libra.

I have got 41 point in libra  SAV, will the coming years will give a breather to me and people having similar birth charts.


5 points is good.
but generally, if you have combination of saturn+mars in same house in your horoscope, then you\'ll face health issues or accidents during july-september.

all the road and train accidents since past 1 month are because of this combo